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Beginning pointe classes


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I hope this is the correct place to post this. I am just wondering how much pointe work is normal in a beginning pointe class. :shrug: (One hour, 30 minutes, center work?) Does it depend on the ability of the class? :unsure: Can a child do too much too soon? What have been your experiences with beginning pointe? How quickly did things move? I was kind of thinking things would go really slowly...but this is all new. Thank you for any input . :D



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Yes, chauffeur is correct, in that if the teacher knows what she/he is doing, and the child is really ready, then the progression to center work can happen rather quickly. When the students start very young on pointe, and at an earlier technical level, then they will have just a few minutes at a time, and totally at the barre. Some teachers prefer to start them earlier, but with only a little bit at the barre for a long time, and others prefer to wait until they are so ready, physically and technically, that they do not need to do only barre work and can proceed to center within weeks, or even days.

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I agree it totally depends on the strength and natural ability of the kids. I usually divide my pre pointers into two groups. I put the stronger group together and they may go into the center faster. If there is a group that may go a bit more slowly they work together and if they spend a bit more time on the barre they are working together and they progress together. If the kids wait till the appropriate time to go up on pointe it should not be all that difficult for them.

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Thank you for the replys! :wub: I am just amazed at how fast they progress. I do have trust in the teacher and the class is 12/13 yrs with a few 11 yr olds. I just had it in my they head that they move so slowly when beginning pointe. I was kind of shocked when they were in the center. :thumbsup: I also had the thought that it might just be that when they are ready they just take off. :P Thank you for the confirmation !


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My daughter started in a "pre-pointe" class two years ago where some dancers were on pointe, some were not. The class was 1/2 hour and those on pointe did barre work and centre as the year progressed. Last year pointe was cancelled due to lack of interest (my daughter was the only one signed up). She had pointe in her SI this past summer and now has 3 hours per week. She has progressed remarkably!

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