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Guest iheartashton847

After turns, I can never get my feet where they are supposed to go. Sometimes I can, like when doing a regular Pirouette, I am generally fine, I can generally do doubles as well, I know it seems small but im new at this, but when I must end differently, like having to do like half of one, I have such problems, its wierd. I can do a full, but I can't do half of one, I get all confused...

any help?


its bad qith pique turns as well

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First, let's identify "wrong". There's a lot of wrong out there. Do you end up with 180° turn-IN? Are your feet on top of your head? What?

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Guest iheartashton847

generally, my feet land in front of my body, when my teacher wants my left foot in the back(or the foot I'm not turning on) but it always lands in the front...

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OK, that means that you've got your weight too far forward through the whole turn. You're probably turning in a slight pike position, and that's why you land the working foot front. Straight up! It will feel unnatural for awhile, but eventually you will lose the feeling of leaning back.

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I had a very similar problem up until about a month ago; it seemed like half turns were ridiculously impossible. My teacher told me to not think of half turns as half-pirouettes (or half whatever turn it is), but rather to think of it as a passé en tourant--just a relevé passé that happens to turn a bit. That helped me a ton, as I discovered that I had been trying to do a full fledged pirouette for half turns, instead of slowing it down and paying attention to my alignment. =]

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Also what my teacher says might help for a visual. She says to think of pulling up your hip flexors as if you were laying on the ground with a neutral pelvis. Make sure it's not tucked. This should get you on your leg perfectly! This is basically what Mr. Johnson said.


Mr. Johnson: If I'm not allowed to post, I'm sorry and please reamove. If I'm correct, members can post after the teachers have posted, correct?


Good luck!

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You can pass along stories of things that have helped you.


Me, I prefer finding a strand of hair directly over the axis of revolution and pulling straight up. When I'm the teacher, of course! :grinning:

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