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My DD has been accepted to Boston Conservatory along with several other Ballet programs. Does anyone have any current information on this program? We would love to hear from a current student on how strong the ballet training is and what type of perfoming opportunities there are for freshmen.

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'Mom of balletgirl247', we are pleased to have you join us here on BT4D, however, we must ask that you create your own account and not share one with 'balletgirl247'. It is our policy here that each individual member have their own account. If you have questions about how to set up a second account that utilizes one computer, this thread should help: Two members, one computer

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um,. . . :) First we'd need to know what "BoCo" is . . . . Perhaps a link to a website would also be helpful.

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Boston College and Boston Conservatory both have existing threads here. Which one should this one go to?

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I am not sure about the financial aid/scholarships, but be aware that when my DD looked here last year we were told that they only guarantee housing for one year. This was a bit of a concern for me as Boston is a very expensive city!

my daughter will be a sophomore at Boston Conservatory and will live in an apartment in the fall with two other dance majors.

There are tons of apartments near to the school in very safe areas and the rents for one whole year usually come slightly under or equal to the price of the dorm for eight months. This should not be a show stopper for you.

There is financial aid awarded and merit scholarship given.

The school is AMAZING and the ballet instruction top notch. It is, however, Chechetti Technique (sp?)

The BFA major is "Contemporary Dance" so there is pretty much equal weighting with modern dance. The goal of the program is to produce really well rounded dancers with solid roots in traditional technique. Many of their grads have gone on to ballet companies however.

There is a tremendous amount of individual attention (hence the tuition). This year the freshman class is quite small as the facilities are all being torn down, enlarged and modernized for fall 2010.

My daughter absolutely loves Conservatory and we couldn't imagine her anywhere else.

BTW Boston is very student friendly, easy to navigate with public transportation and brimming with life.

Worth a look!

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What do you know...how is a typical day for a dancer in BoCo? Anything, anyone? :)

Just signed on to this website so as to answer questions about "BoCo"

Daughter is a happy rising Sophomore there.

Days are long and PACKED. Here is a rough idea of what they do:

Typical Freshman day begins and alternates 8 AM and 9 AM start.

Starting with Music Fundamentals/ and or Gyrokenesis.

Next Ballet (either flat or pointe)

Follows small break then Modern Partnering or "Styles" (choice of tap, musical theatre, African, Hip Hop)

Afternoon is Modern technique, Choreography, Voice for Dancers

3-5 break (used second semester for rep and rehearsal)

Liberal Arts 5 days (Nutrition/Liberal Arts Core)

Advanced dancers have classical partnering somewhere in there also, though don't know if this applies to most freshman.

Men have their own class and obviously partnering class and get to be in everything.

Freshman do not perform first semester so as to settle in, but are able to audition for the February show, other student works, and have their own show in April.

Hope this helps.

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My daughter and I looked at Boston Conservatory today and she loved it. I am surprised that there is not more about the program. How do others feel about it and the training and career opportunities after graduation?

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At the parent meeting on February 27th they said that if your file is complete you should hear by March 23rd, if not sooner. The dancer will receive an e-mail stating that his/her status is updated and there will be a link to view the letter.


Good Luck!

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