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My daughter did the BFA auditions last year and was accepted, but she decided to go to a different university. The auditions were fairly typical, as college auditions go. They started in the morning with a group class which had both ballet and modern portions. From there they announced which solos they wanted to see. After each solo, they asked the dancer a few simple questions. The whole process went through lunch, so make sure your dancer has snacks. There are places nearby where you can go and buy things for them, but they won't have time to go themselves. I remember final invitations to attend the conservatory came very late --- I want to say early April --- with responses expected by early May.


The most helpful part for my daughter was attending both a ballet class and a modern class at BoCo the day before the audition. She was able to get a real feel for what classes would be like there. We just emailed the dance department after the audition was scheduled and they had no problem with letting her attend the classes.


Let me know if you have more questions. I think I touched on the highlights. :)

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Thank you Dixie. Knowing that about attending classes the day before is most helpful...we are arriving two days before the audition so I will have my daughter email the dance department to see if she could do the same :) I guess it's safe to assume if they don't ask to see your solo, you can assume you have not been accepted to the program? This should be a crazy and exciting year for both of us!

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Yes, I'm pretty sure if they don't ask to see your solo, then you should not be expecting an acceptance letter. Also, I wanted to let you know that the seating options for the parents were very limited. All they had were shallow wooden benches --- these are fine for dancers to use for a few minutes between classes, but they were not too comfortable for the parents that sat there for 3-4 hours.


This will definitely be an exciting year for you and your daughter. My DD and I still look back on it and can't believe we survived. It really was worth it all in the end though. Best of luck to both of you!

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Thank you Dixie. My DD loves the idea of being able to take classes before the audition...she was wondering if you told them in your email that your daughter was participating in the audition the next day? She's worried they may not let her if she mentions that but that maybe we could go this fall before the audition to try the classes but I would rather not buy too sets of plane tickets! Thanks!

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I had to look back at our old emails to make sure I answered that one correctly. :unsure: It looks like my dd was scheduled for an audition on 2/8/14. On 10/2/13 she sent an email to the Director's Assistant stating clearly that she would be in the audition on 2/8 and was interested in taking both a ballet & modern class on 2/7. The gentleman who replied seemed very open to the idea. When he met her to escort her to the classrooms he talked about where she would go the following day for the auditions, so he clearly knew she was auditioning the very next day. Hope that helps you make your decision!

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I'm hoping that someone may have current info on this program. My daughter auditioned a couple of weeks ago in San Francisco and was surprised that only 16 people were there. I'm assuming that it may be because it is an East Coast school and people on the West Coast aren't as familiar with it. I've also been trying to find out what their graduates are doing and can't find much info. It makes me a little nervous to spend that much time and money on a program without a track record of having their graduates finding employment. Hopefully someone has some recent experience!

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In the last few years, Boston Conservatory dancers have performed with Twyla Tharp, Paul Taylor, MOMIX and on Broadway. Those are just the companies I'm familiar with. I know there are many more. When I saw Newsies a couple years ago, I remember seeing Boston Conservatory listed in the bios of some dancers. Hehe, they tend to get around. They are generally found in the modern dance world, Broadway and the music industry (backup dancers in videos). My daughter is friends with quite a few graduates of Boston Conservatory. It is well-respected and turns out very strong dancers, though not traditional ballet dancers.

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I wanted to share that my DDs and I met a BoCo grad on the holiday cruise we took this past December. He was a musical theatre grad, but we were lucky enough to talk to him about the school. He gave it rave reviews. He could not say enough good things about it. He knew of the head of the Dance Dept. (Cathy Young) and said she was great. He said it was a wonderful school with great teachers, and the dancers there were excellent. He was such a nice young man and gave us such a good vibe about the school! He was the lead for one of the shows and a main character in the other. He was really wonderful. In fact, all the talent in the shows was just amazing. I was floored actually. The singing and dancing was really Broadway quality. Anyway, I know it's sort of third party information, but wanted to share if anyone was interested.

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MovementDancer - My son did the audition last month and it was one of the friendliest he has ever done. Really positive. Hope you feel the same!

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Hi alexandra_v96, I have a few questions for you, thanks for offering!

If you use the college plan, how's the food? Healthy? All you can eat, or individually priced?

How many boys are in a typical year-class (fresh/soph/Jr/Sr)? Do you have partnering?

Do you take dance classes with just your year, or do they mix it up by level?

How is the PT if you get injured? Does the school offer it, or do you find your own?

How is the non-dance class load?

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