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Thanks for the info! I was just curious because it sounds like 2 dancers she knows who auditioned in Chicago and Miami this year both found out they were accepted about 2 weeks after their audition. My DD auditioned last weekend, Jan 26, and at the parent meeting he said we wouldn't hear until April 1st....so not sure if they notify some ahead of time, but most on the April 1st date. Yes it will be a long wait, my daughter is obsessed with BOCO! 

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DD didn’t know any dancers that found out before the 4/1 deadline but I guess BOCO can offer admission as they see fit. DD auditioned in the first week of February last year and we were also told by the interim program director at the audition that admissions decision would not go out until 4/1. Again, wishing your DD all the best. 😁

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Hi Thedancermom, I hope your DD audition went well! I wanted to say my son is currently a student at BOCO,  so if you have more questions I would be happy to answer them if I can. I believe he heard back about acceptance around 11 PM on March 31 (late the night before they were supposed to come out).

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clynwindslow, Hi, thanks so much and congrats to your son! What year is he? My DD felt really good about her audition, and was impressed with the faculty there and the program in general! She is a little discouraged in that she has heard of 2 or 3 dancers that heard back from BOCO a couple weeks after their audition with acceptances and hers was on campus Jan 26th and hasn’t received anything yet. They did keep saying at parent meeting we wouldn’t hear until April 1st but we are wondering how many early acceptances they have already sent out from the different auditions?? I don’t think they are ED acceptances because they are dancers who auditioned early and mid January. But we are still hoping and waiting to see how it all ends up!

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thedancermom, My son is a sophomore. I know of one student that he told me heard early his year, but that's all. Most heard on April 1 (or right around there).

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I  am searching for info/reviews on Boston Conservatory Summer dance program and haven’t found anything. If there are current threads could someone point me in the right direction? My dd is interested in auditioning for summer 2021. 

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@Steffie Did you find anything out? My DD is interested and earlier this year when I looked into it I thought an audition was required but now looking at the website anyone can register which seems odd. 

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I’m sorry, I am just seeing this. Yes, I contacted them and they did not require an audition, just registration and payment. We registered and my daughter was given a spot. My guess is they will do placement once dancers arrive. 
Did you end up registering for this summers program? 

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Still looking for recent feedback on the summer dance program as well as the conservatory. Anyone?

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@SteffieNeither of my girls have done the summer program but I’ve heard only good things about it. 😊 My daughter will be starting at the conservatory as a contemporary dance major in the fall so we’ll have some feedback some months after that.

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Thank you! That’s awesome. I will look forward to feedback on the school year 

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