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I don't feel like i'm improving...

Tiiny Dancerx33

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I went to a summer intensive over the summer, and I feel that I learned a lot not only from the teachers, but from the dancers too. When i came back to my home ballet school, i felt like I improved tremendiously. However, since the fall session started, I fell like I've gotten worse. I remember what i learned and i try to apply it to my dancing. I have been dancing atleast five days a week and I feel like i'm not getting any better.


Could it be that dancing everyday is the problem? I was dancing pretty much everyday at the intensive. Am i still the same as I was this summer, but i just don't realize it because i am used to it?


Please help... I'm so confused. I'm only taking so many classes because i love to dance and i thought it would help me...not hurt me!


Any advice or similar issues would be great! :unsure:


Thanks :wub:

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Sometimes when I dance a lot I dont notice drastic improvements, but my teachers might. You should ask your teachers if they can see any improvement and if they dont then ask them for specific things you need to work on. You'd be surprised at what you'll hear when you single your teacher out after class and ask them. It also shows them that you're serious about ballet and they should treat you accordingly. I know that sometimes dancers just tend to plateau. You'll improve for a while and then stay the same for a while and then improve and then stay the same again. it can be frustrating but it's just something you have to work through. I know it happens to me all the time! Hope this was helpful! :wub:

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balletboyrhys although your interest and ideas are helpful and seem to be right on :wub: , please remember this is the Young Dancer's forum, therefore a Moderator should respond to the Young Dancer prior to other well intentioned young dancers!


Tiiny Dancerx33 often studying with a different teacher for a period of time can be inspiring to students. This is one very important reason SIs are important. As you have said, although you learned from the new teachers it is also beneficial to meet new/different ballet students.


Try sepeaking with your current teachers about what you learned at you SI. Chances are the information is not new to your teacher(s), but beginning the discussion can be so beneficial. Your teachers may appreciate hearing about all of your "new" ideas!

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Just what I noticed about myself: when I was at my SI, the girls could get their legs much higher, so I felt under a lot more pressure to get mine up as well. My extensions got MUCH higher. Now that I'm back at my school, my extensions went down, because I wasn't under that sort of competition. But that's just how I am.! So I need to try to motivate myself and not compare myself to the girls at my school. They don't have BAD extensions, just not the amazing ones the girls at my SI had.

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Just don't forget that GOOD extensions, in proper alignment and rotation, are always far better than "amazing" extensions if they are distorted. :excl:

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Sometimes I can't tell if I'm improving, especially as I'm always trying to correct myself so I improve, not looking and admiring myself in the mirror. Keep working hard and I'm sure you will improve, although you might not notice it yourself. From little_dancer123 x :wink::ermm:

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