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Two studios at once, or what?

Guest EKCheyne

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Guest EKCheyne



I'm eighteen, and just started ballet again for the first time in four or five years. I'm dancing at a studio where one of my friends dances, but since I did not get in until after I turned eighteen, they put me in an "adult" class. Which, at this studio, translates as "class for women who've always wanted to dance, but it's too late for them to be professional dancers, so it's not worth the effort to teach em' basic technique. Let's just let em' hop around in our studio for an hour or so!"

I want ballet, not to hop around like an idiot. I've already paid for the semester at this school, but I'm wondering, would it be bad for me to start taking from the *good* studio near my house, and continue going to the other place until the end of the semester? (as in, dually-enrolled ballet) or would that drive a good instructor nuts?


I've seen the instructor at the not-so-good-school dance, and she's very talented - just not putting the effort into my class.




What to do?

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Hello EKCheyne, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :wink:


My suggestion would be to get to the "good" school ASAP! If you have to also continue at the other one, fine, but definitely also go to the other one. It would be good especially if you can get into a serious class there, and not the kind of class happening where you are. Then, when you are at the adult class, use that to just make yourself work seriously for yourself, even if the others and the teacher are not taking it that way. Perhaps your work ethic can have a positive effect on the teacher! If she see someone who does really want to learn and to work, perhaps she will respond! It's possible....give it a try!

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Guest EKCheyne

Thanks Victoria!


That's kinda what I was thinking, and the adult class could probably still be a useful workout time if I'm getting proper instruction elsewhere.


Thank you:)



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