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Paper on ballet History

Guest afroballet01

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Guest afroballet01

I'm doing a paper for school about the history and development of ballet,focusing mostly on the Romantic period,but also on the development of what came out of it in terms of styles and techniques.


What are some books I should be looking at,and are there any primary sources that I could use that may be helpful (I need about 3)?


Thanks so much in advance!

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afroballet01, you have been here long enough to know that we do not allow BT4D to be used to do one's homework or research papers for them. So, off to the library with you! I am sure you will be able to quickly find plenty of inspiration for your paper. There are also many sources available on-line these days. :)


I am closing this thread in keeping with our "Do your own Homework" policy. :D

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