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I need some new leotards that are comfortabe, cute, true to size, and supportive! I'm a somewhat busty size 12 and would love a leo that serves the same function as my beloved hold and stretch tights...stop the jiggle! :shrug: any suggestions?

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Oh! I can't help you but I must publish this news! =P I've ordered some ballet stuff from discount dance supply 10 days ago, because of their shipping rate policies a friend in the USA has sent them to me and I will be wearing a new leo tomorrow!!!And convertible tights for the first time=) Anyway, I read that the leo I've chosen to order is designed for busty people, but I am not the right person to try and see if it's true because I'm an A or B size girl lol. But maybe you can check it out, people say that it fits small busts also(that's why I've bought it), I don't know..



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Aargh! My long post just got deleted and I have class in 10 minutes!


Ok, I'll summarize:


I'm not busty but here's what I can think of:


1) try a dance bra under any style of leo except low-backed ones

2) try a body stocking or an undergarment leo (a leo that's thinnish, nude colored, has adjustable clear straps and a low back) beneath your regular leo

3) Call/E-mail an online dance store and tell them:

your measurements, street clothing size, proportions (is your torso long, short, or regular), and whether you like ballet-cut or higher-cut legs. ballet cut legs sit a bit lower on the hip and are often more flattering.

4) Go to a dance store and try on various styles of leos. You may be surprised at what styles flatter your figure.

5) Don't be put off by sizing. You may take a a medium in one brand and an XL in another, such is the leo-sizing world!

6) If you find a leo you love, buy two of them or buy it in several colors. Also, keep a log book and note the size, price, brand, and style number of every leo that you buy and write down whether you like or hate it and why, this will help you when you buy leos in the future especially if you buy online.

7) When you try leos on don't just stand up and turn around. Remember, you're going to be bending and stretching this way and that. So bend and stretch and make sure the leo doesn't ride up and that the straps don't hurt your shoulders.

8) When in doubt (eg if you fall at the upper end of the measurements for size medium), buy a size bigger than you think you need. I am a size 6-7 and usually take medium leos, but once I got sent an XL by accident and surprisingly it fits perfectly, it just doesn't have to stretch as much when I stretch.


happy dancing! Let us know what you do and how it works for you!

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By the way, I now am sure that it has good support for full busts (it has a thick liner on the bust area also) but it looks good on small busts too=) I'm so happy that I've chosen this leo, it's a great buy =)

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Thanks to both of you for the tips! Skyish, that is so much prettier (and less expensive) than that underwire one I was thinking about! I've been wondering if that power mesh is any good. I hope this isn't too personal :sweating: but do you find that you need to wear a bra with it?

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It's not a problem=)


No, I absolutely don't feel the need of a bra in this leo. Sometimes I say that I'm flat chested but that's a comparison, actually I'm 34C or 36B I don't know for sure (oh I've just found one of my bras who has an american size system, it says 36B) and jumping, running could be a problem for me also, but this leo holds everything in place. But you may want to to try it on before purchasing, jeez online shopping sucks.. Don't you have a nearby dancestore who sells Body Wrappers?You know especially leos feel different on different people =(

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Unfortunatly, I live in a small midwestern town where the dance shops only cater to children and "tweens". I could go shopping the next time I'm out of town, though, or I could just give it a shot and order it! I've done that many times, and usually I can at least work with what I get!

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Hi there jddancingqueen,


Sorry it took me so long to reply to this, but I was in the midst of a job search and didn't have time to do the research. I completely feel you difficulties in shopping for leos as a well endowed dancer :wub: and have posted a lot on the topic. Have you read these links?









I hope those help a little! I'm always looking for new leos that are more supportive!



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Ashley, thanks for the links. There was a lot of useful info there, but I should clarify-I'm looking for something that will maybe hold me in all over and look slenderizing. :thumbsup:

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I'm sure someone has already said this, but if you don't have access to a lot of brands of leos, you could always just order a bunch from Discount Dance and see what you like! Their product descriptions are always very good and you can always return what you don't like (though you do have to pay the shipping back).


One more thought, if I want a leo to offer more support all over, I usually go a size down. Hope that helps!

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Any leotard tips for tall large women? I've been wearing Capezio tanks (I especially like the cotton/lycra with princess seams), but some variety would be nice... I'd have to order online since there aren't that many brands available here.


I'm 5'9 and I *think* size 12 or 14 in US sizing, bra size 38A/B, but a lot of leotards are too short and dig into my shoulders, or alternatively too wide and baggy around the waist with this kind of hourglass figure.


jddancingqueen, if you find something nice and slenderizing, please tell :ermm:

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I'd also appreciate leo tips for tall women. I'm also 5'9'' and UK size 10-ish with a lengthy torso, and almost all leos either dig into my shoulders, happily slide down my chest or surreptitiously creep up my bottom. I've found one reasonably well fitting style by Capezio, but would like to get a little more variety.

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I'm tall (5'10) with a long torso and have found that the basic Mirella leotard works really well for me. I think it's the 201L - just a simple camisole leotard. Mostly, I just go to the store, try on about 20, discover that none actually fit and feel depressed. It seems that leotards increase in width rather than in length as the size increases.

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Wow, thank you, ashat!


Come to think of it, I should have done the search thing myself before asking... :)


It seems that those coveted Mirella leos are hard to come by in Europe, and shipping costs from Discount Dance would be astronomical. Luckily there are other options as well. I sense some serious credit card use ahead...

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