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I was wondering if anyone new of any Colleges that have an associate degree, certificate or diploma program similar to North Carolina School of the Arts? DD would not be able to handle an academic load and dance.

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The Joffrey Ballet School in NYC has a trainee program which leads to a certificate. We don't have first-hand experience with the program, but my daughter took some open classes there in August, and we received information on their year-round trainee program. Since the school is accredited, you may apply for Federal financial aid for the trainee program. It is not a college, but I thought I would give you another option.


Another one I've found online is the Professional Training Certificate in Dance you receive from North Carolina Dance Theatre through a partnership with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

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London Studio Centre has a diploma course as well as a foundation course, which has less academic units in comparison to BA (Hons) programs

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There is some discussion about both the NCSA and NCDT/UNC Charlotte programs on the appropriate threads on the Higher Education forum for these schools. :lol:


Does National Ballet School offer a certificate program in Ballet Performance? I know they have one for Teachers...

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I believe the NCDT program is in concert with a dance or other major and does require that you carry an academic load at UNC charlotte. If you are looking for a college program that does not concentrate on academics my suggestion would be to research the various BFA programs, as some require less truly academic classes than others. Perhaps someone can suggest some options.


Also - and I am wondering aloud - is there really a benefit to having a "certificate" vs. studying full time post high school at a well respected ballet school that does not offer a formal "diploma" such as CPYB? The Joffrey program is quite pricy when compared to the tuition for other company trainee or apprentice programs which are either reasonably priced, free or even sometimes paid, especially when coupled with the cost of living in NYC.

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Those are all excellent points, E's mom! You are correct about the NCDT program. Also, it should be noted that there is a distinction between degree and diploma programs (NCSA, for example, offers both). The diploma program has NO academics at all. Juilliard also has a diploma program that exempts students from the liberal arts requirement and dance history.


As to the suggestion about BFAs, there is a vast difference! Those that are awarded from conservatory schools will generally have far fewer academic requirements than those awarded by a public institution, with a state board of regents controlling some aspects of all degree programs.


Here's a little research I did quickly for some of the top tier ballet programs. (If I am off a few credits, please accept my apology and offer a correction): :sweating:


Oklahoma BFA in Dance Performance

General Ed: 40-51 hours

Dance: 71-72 hours


Arizona BFA in Dance

General Ed: 45 hours

Dance: 80 hours


Indiana BS in Ballet

General Ed: 50 hours

Dance: 72 hours

Music: 24

Fine Arts: 10

Ancillary: 10


Juilliard BFA in Dance

All classes are within Dance except 24 liberal arts credit requirements (which include: Humanities, Materials of Music, Stagecraft, Acting and Anatomy).

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Any opinions on the value of pursuing a Certificate or Diploma from a certified Dance Program versus a BFA?


My daughter is a HS Junior and, at this point, has no interest in pursuing academics. From my research, it doesn't look like there are many of these programs out there. But, if she would receive a certificate/diploma from maybe Alvin Ailey or UNCSA, would this help her at all in the future. As opposed to staying at her current studio and continuing with the training she's been receiving. Could the credits earned be applied down the road to a BFA?

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Catlover, my daughter is also a junior with little interest in academics. Her high school grades are all over the board. I have looked at the NCSA website regarding certificate vs diploma. It does say that the certificate students can take some college courses and apply for the diploma program at a later date if interested.

We know quite a few students who went on to Alvin Ailey/Fordham. A couple of dancers did not get into Fordham as hoped for, just the certificate program. That is tough because there is no housing offered.

There are other dancers who are having difficulty with the whole process of having to be accepted into both the school and dance program. Some are getting into the dance programs but not the college (huge disappointments). Others are gtting into the college but not the dance program.

My daughter has been very consistent and motived re dance. Not so much high school. It's going to be interesting.

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Georgia -- Did the students accepted to the Ailey Certificate Program end up going there? My daughter would have a tough time getting into Fordham. Her GPA is good, but she's not taken any AP classes in high school.

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Two are going this September. I'll try to find out about their housing, etc. The other ones she knows are currently in the Fordham program (and are doing incredibly re dance). Is your daughter going to consider the Joffrey trainee program? My daughter will see how she likes the Contemporary/Jazz program they have to offer.

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