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I just started pointe three weeks ago. I feel like my ankles and feet are not very strong, and I am just wondering if you know any exercises or machines that would help me increase the strength in my feet?



Thank you in advance!

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The answer is long and slow, but it's sure: Tendus, degagés, relevés, elevés, frappés, and a perfectly wrapped position sur le cou de pied. Plus the occasional pas de cheval. They should be done in your pointe shoes, but doing them without is okay too. The simpler the device, the better it is. We recommend resistance therapy bands, like therabands or resistabands in several strengths, and begin by just doing the simple point-and-flex with them looped under the ball of the foot.

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Hello, Clara921, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :D


You don't need to take vitamin supplements unless they are advised by a health professional like a doctor or registered/certified dietitian, especially if you know you are eating a balanced diet. Just working the feet properly and sufficiently will do the trick to strengthen the feet.

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I have just started pointe a month ago too, but i feel like my feet are pretty strong already. I have been dancing since I was 4.

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I had a teacher tell me when I first began pointe that I had weak ankles. I was on the verge of having to wait a year or two before I could begin.Since I didn't want that I asked how I could improve the strength in my feet. My teacher said exactly what Mr. Johnson said. She also said specifically that then doing the relevés with pointe shoes on that you should roll through the demi, 3/4 then full pointe and reverse it , 8 counts up, 8 down. I did 8 in first, 8 in second, 8 in fifth with each foot front, then 8 on one foot, and 8 on the other.

It was a very very slow process, but I did that for sevral months, and it helped enormously. The whole time remember to be lifting out of your shoe, not sinking down.

Good luck, I hope that helps.

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