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Guest flexidaisy

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Guest flexidaisy

If I am doing a combonation and I mess up, I have trouble moving to the next step. I feel like I already messed up or fell out of something so why bother to keep trying when I can just start over and do it perfectly the next time. This has become a problem in class because I can't just go start the music over in the middle of a combonation. Any advice with a dancer who gets frustrated with herself during combonations and has trouble moving on?

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Hello flexidaisy, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :)


It's very important to learn to keep going when you make a mistake in a combination, because if you were dancing on stage and made a mistake you would have to keep going. Since you recognize that you have a problem with doing this, you are already half way to solving the problem. :) It's just a matter of making yourself do it. Just keep going, don't dwell on the mistake, listen to the music and pick up as quickly as you can. The better you know the combination the easier that will be. :D

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Flexidaisy; I had the same problem. It used to be so bad that when I was about eight and in my first classes where we had to really learn combinations I would cry if I messed up...right in the middle of class. (Luckily I don't do that anymore!)

What I found to be helpful if I know it will be a difficult series of steps is to not only learn the steps and their order, but create a pattern in my head. I will essentially sing the stpes to my self. This worked for me because if I messed up I woul think 'ok, what comes next in my little song' and I would be able to finish the combination.

It gets so so much easier the more you do it. So make sure you know the combination as well as you can before going in to the center to do it.

Good luck! (and by the way welcome :clapping: )

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That happens to me too! One mistake makes me flustered and then I space out or tense up or whatever. I guess it's just a mental willpower thing.

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And also a matter of time and training! Patience and hard work are the key, and of course really paying close attention in classes. Stay focused! :yes:

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