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How to do a correct Plie.


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I was sitting here thinking about this, and I am not sure if I do Plies correctly. I get corrected in class so it isn't as if I am neglected. This school isn't Dolly Dinkle either ( we have a teacher here who teachs at ABT in the summer) On plies I know that it is like a a flowing step and you never "stop". Ok here is the main question.


Are you supposed to take your time in going down and coming up and stay in the "standing position" for a split second before going down again? Or are you supposed to stand firmly in the standing position for a second or so?

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You do a grand plié with the music. It's not a matter of seconds or stopping or not stopping. You have a certain amount of music for the movement and you use it all, doing the movement fully, from standing straight, through the demi plié, to the grand but not stopping at the bottom of the movement, back to the demi, and straightening fully before beginning another movement.

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