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I would like to know where the men get their costumes for performances or competitions.


I have never been faced with this challenge, and have looked at the usual ballet wear sites for ideas. While there are gadzillion tutus for women, I can't find much for men. Are they all custom made? If so, by whom? Are boys parents secretly sewing into the small hours of the night? :excl:

I am looking for the usual classical "Prince" type of wear.

Can anyone tell me where to look and give me some idea of costs? I am hoping that parents of boys who have done competitions could point me in the right direction.



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Millie-most anyone who makes tutus also makes men's tunics and shirts. There is a tutu links thread in Pro Shop now that lists several tutumakers, I'm sure many of them make tunics if you need to go custom. There are also some of the recital costume companies who are trying to offer more men's style wear. Not great stuff but more than used to be out there.

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I have always had mine custom made and then embellished them myself. I have a tutu maker get a pattern (from tutu.com) and we used that.

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Absolutely! Memo is correct. A man's tunic is not hard to make and Claudia's patterns are wonderful.

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Hi Millie - I have used Benefis.com for costumes for my son. I also used a seamstress who was familiar with costuming. I showed her pictures of what I wanted, bought the materials and she made some beautiful costumes. As others have stated, I know that Claudia at tutu.com can also help you. I have ordered some things from her if you don't feel up to the task of doing it yourself. Since I can barely sew buttons, I've had to rely on others to do that type of work.

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I dont know if you have access to teacher's catalogues ?


Curtain Call costumes have a nice classic prince tunic at around 35 dollars. There are numerous colors of stretch velvete for the body and the sleeves can be either white or ivory. You do need to be a teacher to get the catalogue.


Our studio gets the catalogue and then I use their id number (with their blessing) to place orders for our groups of dancers.

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If you can sew........I made the first tunic from apattern that I made from a tunic that our studio had for a larger boy and downsized the pieces. Tutu.com has great patterns. Also if you go to the pro shop with questions they are wonderful about helping. I found the tunics easier than costuming girls once I had made the first one. I would suggest making a muslin tunic first for practice and fit. Your other option is to find a place to rent one. I know the girls in our studio have rented from pro companies and I am sure there is something comparable for the boys.

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Thank you for all your replies. I am with "its the mom" in that buttons are my limit.

I did look at the tutu.com site, and it sounds like the best bet. I have to find someone who can sew, but the source of patterns is very helpful. Has anyone had success actually ordering from a catalogue? They do seem to be all for recreational competition outfits which is not at all what I am looking for.

One more question. Are the men's prince tunics usually made of velvet or more like satin? Thanks again.

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Tunic material really depends upon the part. Benefis uses alot of stretchier velvet for their costumes. Still, I thought the costumes were of good value. When choosing the materials for the seamstress we used, I tried to look at as many pictures of the particular variations as I could to get an idea of what the costumes should be made of. We chose everything from velvet to light brocade. If you work with Claudia, even just buying patterns, she or one of her assistants will help you. I have always found them helpful and willing to answer questions. I also found the woman at Benefis (Tatiana) to be very helpful. I worked with her just emailing back and forth, and the costumes were very lovely.

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I used wedding dress material to make a generic prince tunic. It worked for Nut,Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella. Black velvet for giselle, etc. We have a tailor here that you buy the material and take in a picture and they make the outfit. I know some people that have used that before also. I think that Claudia makes costumes as well as selling all the stuff to do it yourself..its the mom, is that the case?

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Yes, Claudia will make it for you or sell you patterns and fabrics for you to venture yourself.

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And as a bit of guidance, when you think men's costumes, think durable. Upholstery fabrics are frequently found in professional men's costumes.

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Upholstery does work well, but I have found the bridal fabrics with a sturdy lining to work pretty well too. Sometimes it is hard to find upholstery stuff in appropriate colors and patterns.

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