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Short hair for Ballet?

Guest caills

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I want to get my hair cut really short in the back and long in the front. Im not sure if this is going to be good for ballet class.

I need some advise!




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Not ideal, Caills. You will still need to totally secure the front part, and it will not look that great in class. Sorry.

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Knock knock, I know I'm not really allowed in here but I just want to tell you about my experience if that's OK?


I always had short hair, long hair does not suit me! I would try and pin a fabric alice band onto my head to keep my hair out of my face, this works OK if you keep it over your ears a little bit but tends to slide off otherwise! It doesn't look that great but my school wasn't too strict. For exams my teacher would use a ton of gel to get my hair up into a teeny weeny high pony tail (like about 2cm long!) and then attach a fake bit of hair to make the bun, you can get them in fashion accessory shops. It looked OK but took ages to do and you couldn't do it for normal lessons.


I did end up growing my hair for a couple of exams, not very long, just enough to get a pony tail quite easily, I still had to add some fake hair as my hair is very fine. If I was allowed to offer advice I would say keep it long if you can, especially if you're at all interested in dance as a career.

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Guest lostchyld

I've got some experience here. I used to wear my hair stacked in the back and chin length in the front. I secured the front by combing it back like I was going to make a ponytail and then secured it in pigtails. This streamlined the look, and while it wasn't a bun, it worked well and was very attractive, if not the classic ballet look. On the other hand, my school is very lenient.


I would lean towards CDR's opinion if you're anything more than a hobbyist dancer though. You can do more with your hair if it's long. I cycled through six or seven different styles when my hair was long.


Finally, hair grows. If you get the cut and don't like it, it'll grow out eventually. I would say don't change styles right before an important event or show, because you already know how to deal with your current style and it'll take time to figure out a new cut.

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Guest iheartashton847

I have my hair just like that. Since it is long in the front, you can put a headband, in it. Or you can also secure it with bobby pins and a LOT of gel/hairspray/wax and I mean a LOT!

but fake hair is also prettty good, i would make it long enough in the front so that you can pull it back even if only part goes back, so you cans till clip on a hairpiece!

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The director made it very clear at our school: no highlights, lolights, dyeing of any kind and hair is required in a bun, but that's because we're performing. They hair style doesn't sound very compliant with ballet.

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