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Should I??


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Hi all!


I broke two of my fingers on my right hand yesterday by slamming them in the car door. I would like to go to ballet class today, but I dont know if it would be the best idea, because I wont be able to hold the barre. I have to hold my hand down low because the brace is heavy, and I dont know if it would look sloppy.



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:P I am not one to give medical advice, but just from looking at your situation, I think you should go and watch. It would be hard to dance with a heavy brace, but you can at least watch.
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NHBn, this is official notice that this is Strike Two. One more and you're suspended. DO NOT respond to questions before the moderators have had a crack at it.


:P Now. Alwaysthelast, wait for a bit until your arm becomes accustomed to the weight of the cast. And then, be aware, especially in turns, that you will be compensating for it. Best to mark the turns, I think.

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As soon as you get used to it you will be fine, though. I have had students in class with all sorts of arm and hand casts. No problem. A bit of a nuisance to deal with, perhaps, but, class is definitely doable as long as it's not a leg or foot. :lol: I had one working in class last year with a broken collar bone. Limited, yes, but, able to do a lot. With fingers, it's a piece of cake! :D (And, you just might get stronger and better placed and balanced, at least on one side, because of not being able to grip the barre! :wink: )

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Heyy, I really hope that your fingers get better. That is always so painful, I know, because my one friend has broken one of her fingers at least four times in her life. haha. and recently, my other friend's dad accidently broke her little finger and boy was it bruised up badly! It hurt her to hold that barre with that hand she said. Well good luck!


Have a GREAT day!!


star_reacher :lol:

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