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Adult Ballet Classes - Oklahoma

Guest kacy

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Here I go again. I'll be in Norman, Oklahoma for part of next week and would like any suggestions or information about the availability of adult/open classes there. I've done a BT4D search and came up with Marjorie Kovich....


From my time in Norman at OU, I remember the Marjorie Kovich School of Ballet and have actually called and left them a message for information about adult classes. In the meantime, is there anyone out there with information about other studios in Norman?


I guess as a last resort I could call OU and see if they would let an old lady relive her youth in one of their classes.... :thumbsup:


Thanks for any additional information that is out there....

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In Norman, I would definitely stay with Marjorie Kovich. I don't know if she as adult classes or not, but she might have classes you could take with the teens if she doesn't have evening adults.

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Thank you both for this information. I would love to have time to travel to OKC for their adult classes, but because of my schedule in Norman, I doubt I will have the time, but will definitely check it out for future visits to Mom and Dad's!!


I appreciate your input, Ms. Leigh...thanks!!


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