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I am not sure if this is the appropriate place for this, so please move if necessary. My daughter recently asked me how one can determine which ballet companies focus more on contemporary ballet rather than pure classical. I honestly didn't have an answer so I did a search with no luck. Only found information from 2002 - 2005 and the links were no longer good. The obvious to me would be to see the companies perform, but that isn't always possible. She has been told recently that she has a lot of talent in the contemporary style so she wanted to see which SI's of major companies might focus on that. I had no idea, so thought I would come to my friends here. Thank you for any insight :wink:

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Many companies have websites. Check those out and you will get some idea about the repertoire that is performed. Sometimes the companies will have a description of themselves on their website which might state that they are a contemporary ballet company. There are many out there. Perhaps we could start a list here? How about Alonzo King Lines Ballet, Ballet Nouveau Colorado, Cedar Lake Ensemble, to start?

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ekeetaxi, another way would be to follow the reviews, like the ones in our Links foroum, and those on Ballet Talk's Links forum. Every Monday there are new links to the articles in Dance View Times, and those are very good! Also, your daughter should have Dance Magazine. Pictures and stories about different companies will tell you a lot. They also have a review section every month.

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