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My sis bought me the ugliest leo

Striving for Grace

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My big sis doesn't understand me in general, and she certainly doesn't understand my love of ballet. In the past she has missed performances, encouraged me to drop/skip class etc. Recently she's come to understand what ballet means to me. Being injured has meant less time spent rehearsing and practicing, which in turn has allowed us to spend more time gabbing.


Last night I got my cast removed and to celebrate, my sis bought me a leo for when I am able to dance again. Yay! Free leo, right? Wrong. You have to see this leo to believe it even exists. It's not a ballet leo (I hope!) It has high-cut legs. Obscenely so. There is a mesh insert around the midriff, from hip bone to just below the bust. A neon blue mesh insert. The rest of the leo is navy and is that kind of bathing suit-y material that capezio often uses (which normally I like!) The rest except for the cap sleeves, that is. They happen to be neon pink. The back is VERY low cut but still covers. I don't want to diss the maker so I won't mention names. But it is from an obscure French company and it was indeed bought in a dance and fitness wear store, in the dance leo section. Funny thing is, it fits like a glove.


I cringed as I exclaimed: "wow Sarah, where on earth did you find such an interesting leo?!" Doubt I'll ever wear it in public except perhaps as a fun "shirt" in summer, or a wacky bathing suit...perhaps for ballet practice sessions with friends. Still, it's probably my fave leo because of its sentimental value... :wink:



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And I hope you didn't show her at all that you were not happy with her gift. It truly is the thought that counts!

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I didn't show visible disdain as I was laughing too hard. I did tell her that for class I was only able to wear black, navy, burgundy or hunter green leos (which is true) but assured her that I would wear it for practices outside of class time (also true). She was ecstatic when I tried it and it fit so well though. I agree that the thought counts, which is why I know it will always be my favorite leo :o If I were to dye it all black and wear a bodystocking beneath it would be quite pretty, but I could never change it, it was such a sweet and well-intentioned gesture. :offtopic:

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Yes, I am with CDR in wishing I could see this. That sounds like some leo! It really is sweet of her, and great that it fits you so well! I don't suppose you take modern, jazz, or hip-hop? It might come in more handy there. With some lovely stylish pants to cover up the exposed hip area!

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Sounds very 'Flashdance'. Enjoy! :lol:


This reminds of a well-intentioned gift from my youngest brother not so long ago. I was learning Flamenco in Australia and was trying to get hold of the castanets I knew I had stashed in the top of my wardrobe in England. When they FINALLY arrived in the post, and it took ages, there was only one - half the pair. It turns out he thought that it was a pair - after all, there were two bits, that clicked together! So then we had to start again. Meanwhile, he went on a trip to the south of France to visit his girlfriend, and told me excitedly that a secret parcel would be arriving for me soon. You guessed it - he sent me a new pair of castanets, which he, his girlfriend and her parents had carefully and thoughtfully selected for me. They were VERY cheap quality, plastic, and packaged garishly in a tourist-attracting box with lurid pictures of Flamenco dancers on the front. "Gosh", my brother said later. "Castanets are VERY expensive. They were nearly 8 Euros!" A sweet gesture, yet...hmmm. :ermm:

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Congratulations. You got a family member who doesnt understand your love of ballet to buy you ballet wear. That's almost one for the champagne couch!

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