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Curling hair for Nutcracker Clara


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I did a search and found some suggestions but I have some issues. I am using the pink size sponge rollers and gel. My daughter has thick hair to her mid back. We did some test curls last night and she slept in them. I misted her hair to make it slightly damp, then used a thick styling gel. They were not dry by this morning. I hate to have to use a hair dryer but maybe that is the only solution. Perhaps I should use another styling type product. Any suggestions?

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We used Aussie spray gel...its in a purple bottle. Started with dry hair and then wet it with the spray gel. It does take a long time to dry. We curled it early evening to take out the next night for dress rehearsal...came home that night resprayed and curled and did not take out until the next night right before performance. Even after about 24 hours up some curls may need to be hit with the blowdryer. Make sure you put as little hair as possible on each roller.

For the sunday matinee performance there was not time to reroll. Saturday night I took each curl pushed it up to a small curl bobby pinned it all put a hairnet on and a sleep cap...worked wonders...it looked great for the sunday performance.

Good luck!!

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Here's what we do. We wash and blow dry the hair. We pull my daughters front and side hair( as she has no bangs and her hair is very long) into a small ponytail ( for lack of a better word) to the top of the back of her head. This keeps it off her face as it is hard to do once the curls are done.


Then we use the "got2B curled" green goop. Basically we do not put too much hair in the curler (better to use lots of curlers). We start at the base of her neck and seperate the hair into sections for the curlers. We brush out each section and spray some of the green goop on the section ( Got2B curled). Then we roll up that curler. Continue this way until you have as many curls in the places you need.


She sleeps in the curlers with a net.


Remove the curlers and wear a net to keep the curls from stretching out too much.


The hair should be dry and clean when curling ( the green goop dries quickly)


Before removing all the curlers - unravel one of the last ones you put in to be sure it is dry. IF it is not dry - put the hair dryer on them. Seperate the curls with your fingers but DO NOT BRUSH THROUGH.


DO NOT saturate the sections in the green goop as it is not necessary, uses too much product, takes longer to dry and leaves a white residue.


The size of the curlers will depend on how big (loose) or small (tight) you want the curls. Smaller the curler, then tighter the curl (ringlets).


Hope this helps! If you cannot find the green goop - IM me and I will send you some.


Once you go down this road, you spend the rest of the time praying you never have to again!! NOTHING tests the mother/daughter relationship like a few hours of hair curling!

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Got to be glued in a yellow bottle works well and dries fast like hairspray. If you start with dry hair (can be washed the day before) you can curl and set the same day as a matinee or evening show. We only had to do overnight for the 10AM school show to save getting up too early. Over the years, most everyone in our company has switched to got to be glued for party girl curls . . .


Our routine was curl during the day for the first show - after show we came home and washed the hair, let it dry, then reset the next morning. I must be insane becasue at one point I had two daughters in party scene! They slept better without curlers in their hair . . .

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Because the whole party girl hair thing is so labor instensive and time consuming (and difficult when it needs to be slicked into a bun for Act II :grinning: ), we are considering finding long banana curl hair pieces on a clip that can be attached to the big bows in their hair...........does anyone have a good source for something like this?

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Knock, Knock - parent of older daughters here -


When my daughters were in the party scene and needed curls, this worked well for us. Just to let you know, they both had long, straight hair. They would wash their hair the night before dress rehearsal, and then wouldn't wash it again until the last show(usually four days). It sounds gross, but all of us moms found out that the dirtier their hair, the better it held the curls. The first night, we would almost completely dry the hair, and then put a small amount of Dippity-Do on each curl. We rolled them in foam rollers (use alot), and then they would sit and dry their hair in an old-fashioned bonnet-type hair dryer. We then put on a hair net, and they would sleep in the rollers. Between shows on the same day, we would lightly mist with hair spray, and roll or clip each curl with bobby pins, and put on the hairnet until just before the next party scene. Each night, we would mist each curl, reroll, and again dry for a few minutes with the hair dryer. The heat is what makes the difference. Enjoy this special time - it goes all too fast!



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ondine88 - Up here they can usually be found in wig stores or costume stores ( especially those with costume makeup). The other place you can try are dollar stores. They are of course not the best quality - but you can put a couple together and they do look nice on stage and are cheaper!!

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When DD was a party girl, we used L'Oreal Pumping Curls. She had (has) long, thick, heavy hair. Her hair was often to the middle of her shoulder blades in length. We used about three times as many curlers as anyone else (once I counted 78 versus her friend's 25!). We only tried to do it wet once---I think it would have taken about three days to dry. So, after that, we always blow dried it, then I would section off pieces about roller-width sections, but not thick at all, spritz each section with the Pumping Curls, use an end paper, and roll it horizontal to her head in as many rows as needed.


When we took the curlers out, I would just do a 'wrist-flip' thingy to unwind the hair, which left the banana curls largely undisturbed. Immediately after the performance, usually even at the theatre, we all sat around re-rolling the curls. Again, I always spritz with the Pumping Curls and used end papers. I think we were always the last done---even when we were the first to start. She just had soooo many more curlers. But doing it this way worked very well.


The curls were usually 'softest' and a little droopy by the end of the first performance, but they were sturdier with each passing performance. Usually, we would wash her hair and start completely over after about four days. They had the curls in place for dress rehearsal, so that was about 4 'rollings' before we washed it again.


We did not 'slick' the curls into a bun for Mother Ginger. We all just loosely gathered the hair off the face, used a balled ponytail holder to hold a ponytail, then softly scrunched the curls into a bun-shape, wrapped a hairnet around it and secured it into the bun-shape with bobby-pins. From the audience the hair did appear to be in a bun, but for the girls, the bulk of the curls were retained when it was let loose again.

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Terrific thread! I have been wondering what to do with my dd's very thick and long hair. At our previous school there was an army of dressers to take care of hair and makeup, here the children are pretty much left to fend for themselves backstage. I have never used curlers before but the labor intensive curling iron method. How exactly do you roll a curler to make the ringlet curls?! Which type of curler is better? :thumbsup:


I am also clueless when it comes to makeup. I know the basics from the previous school but she will need lashes as Marie. My dd is very fair and freckled with nearly non-existent natural lashes. I purchased a pair of lashes at a supply store made of real hair because they looked the most natural and we tried to put them on but it was a disaster...lol. Any tips or hints? Thank you!! :grinning:

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This may help

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Our company requires half-ponies with curls so I first gather the half pony. Then I use clips to pull up all but the bottom third of hair using the back of the comb to make a straight line. Then I take a seciton of hair, spray it, comb it straight then wrap it tightly around a sponge curler until it is tight to the scalp. I find it easier to make tidy rows so that you have room (girls with less thick hair don't have to be as precise). After you finish one row, you let down another section of hair.



I end up with three rows of curlers straight across the back of the head and then I roll the half pony. When you take off the curlers you sort of spiral them off without completely unrolling (unroll from the head first). It sounds so complicated when you write it out but in practice it is not too bad.


The got to be glued is sticky so you have to rinse your hands often - the process sounds much worse than it actually is but I recommend practicing before the show - and it is time consuming.


BTW - the half pony makes it easier to gather the hair for a bun afterwards.

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This sounds daunting. Did any of you subject your daughter to a "practice run" at this in order to sort out what was necessary for her type of hair (long/straight, long/wavy, medium lengths, etc.)? I think we are going to need a go at this ahead of time so that I can learn how to do this efficiently and see how many days of non-washing it may take to get the hair to conform.


Are the rollers foam covered? If so and if not, once the hair product is on to help set the curl, are you able to remove the curlers without tearing the foam off of them or getting rollers stuck because they are glued in by the gel or spray?


homeschool-we were posting at the same time. Any of you who have given this a run ahead of time - do tell.

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Yankee - the got2B curled green goop did not stick to the curler foam with us - though I am not sure about the other products.


A dry run is vital unfortunately. Now I can hear the groans out there...but if it is your first time, definitely have a go at it prior to the permormance ( like a week or more) just so you can tweek what you don't like.


One other curler tip - don't roll the curlers in the same direction. if you roll one to the left (or on top - though I usually do left and right), then the one beside it to the right ( or underneath).

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I've got 2 suggestions. THe first one sounds wierd but it really works for my dd on a daily basis when she does her hair mainly for buns...but her hair always stays perfect, no fly away hairs, it is not sticky, and there is no 'smell' to it (great for sensitive skin and allergies etc...)


She uses the clear Aloe Vera gel made by Fruit of the Earth. It works amazingly well on clean buns that always stay in place...it may work just as well for these curls. Not sure about that...but this Aloe vera works better than other gels on daily buns...so maybe the curls as well?


The OTHER suggestion I have I know will work because I have done it. Using dry hair, you apply a concentrated mixture of sugar water! Yup...you read that right! Make up a small batch of strong sugar water. Maybe about 1 cup water to 1 cup sugar from what I remember. Dissolve the sugar in the water over the stove or microwave like you would do for jello. Let cool. Then apply thin small amounts to small bunches of hair pieces as you roll them up with the foam rollers. Again don't make it too wet, but make sure it is on there and damp. Dry the hair if you need to with a dryer. Leave overnight, take our right before the show. THe hair is VERY stiff...but those curls really do last!! :yes:


Good luck!

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