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Lately I've been wondering if there are any classes where the exercises comprise of arm movements and slow stepping and shifting weight. I can't think of any class except maybe T'ai chi. But I am think it would be good to take a class that emphasizes slow and simple port de bras and positions of line (rather than quick movements involving the legs more than the arms). Not sure if this is making sense to anyone.


I had to stop ballet class because of no cartilage in one knee (NONE, zero - zippo, the big OUCH...). But I still like to get into some of the lines and positions when I see my reflection sometimes. Most of the positions are 'open' - fourth, second rather than fifth (that is one tight position). I do the various port de bras I remember. Afterwards I generally feel very good in my neck and shoulders. I need to find a way to keep at it as it seems this may be my form of ballet. You discover where your strength is and develop it. So for me port de bras and open positions and lines.


Is what I am describing above anything like T'ai Chi? but in a classical ballet way? Has anyone taken T'ai chi or have knowledge of any classes like I am describing?

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Ballet class always contains a mixture of elements --- arms and legs, slow and fast, plus jumping. Why not study Tai Chi? It's an amazing beautiful art form.

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