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Music: Swan Lake CD

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Can anybody recommend a good Swan Lake CD? I tried to listen to some samples they have at Amazon, but some of them seemed to have too slow or fast tempos for my taste, or not-so-good quality of recording. (I'm rather fussy, I admit :D ) Eventually, I just felt confused by the variety.


Suggestions will be much appreciated :)

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After seeing Swan Lake in Orange County, I too needed to find a nice recording and visited Borders yesterday. They had many to choose from, and I selected the Royal Philharmonic with Sir Charles Mackerras conducting. It was less than ten dollars and includes Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty 65:31 minutes in length.

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That recording might be very good, but it is not the complete Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty. Anytime you see more than one full length (meaning a 3 or 4 act ballet) on one CD, you are getting excerpts.

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We have our own 'in-house' recordings done, so I'm afraid I won't be much help there. I do know that there are programs out there like Mixcraft where you can upload a CD to your PC, put it into Mixcraft, and slow it down/speed it up/make cuts where you need them. Perhaps that will help?

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I like the 6-CD box set "Tchaikovsky -- The Ballets" by the London Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andre Previn. It's a compilation by EMI Records. It has Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, and Nutcracker. Of course I don't know if this would meet your requirements on tempo.

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Than you for all the replies!


I don't need the music for any performance or dancing purposes, just to have something nice to listen to :gossip:. A 6-CD box set with three ballets..mmm...*rubs hands*

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