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Introducing myself all over again ...


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Good morning everyone (well, it's morning here in the UK!),


I just thought I'd post to introduce myself in my new role in the Adult Ballet Students fora (the technique board and the buddy board), as a Moderator to assist Xena.


I've been a loyal (well, addicted more like :P ) member of BT4D since I discovered it a couple of years ago in my quest for finding more adult ballet classes, where I lived in the north-west of England. Since then, I've met - in virtual reality and real life - a whole community of wonderful dancers who have become friends. I've found these fora to be constantly helpful, thought-provoking, consoling, (sometimes infuriating), but always inspiring!


This board taught me about always travellling with my tights & shoes: you people gave me the courage to take classes at Steps and Peridance in New York, Tapestry and Austin Ballet, in Austin Tx, and will give me guidance about class in Washington DC when I spend 2 months there next year. One of these days, I will join some of you at the Richmond Dance Camp in Va; until then, I join in with a few of our UK-based members, in English National Ballet weekend workshops (see you lot in November for more choreography! :wink: )


In my day job, I run a university performing arts department and write and research in theatre history. Among other things, I teach movement for actors and the basic principles of choreography for physical theatre and devised performance. What we discuss here has been so helpful in my day job, and I hope that what I can say about my everyday experience of teaching and working with talented young people in a performance context is also useful for others.


I now live in Britain's "second city" where there's lots of great dance, and I've gone from ballet class drought to 4 or 5 classes a week. It's been great to match my gradual return to fitness and greater technical achievements, with everyone else's on this board, and to join in virtually with all our stories of progress and learning - it's a lifelong quest where "the journey, not the arrival, matters."


So when the Moderators asked me would I assist with the Adult boards, how could I refuse? Xena has established a practice of a light touch - we're adults and can mostly regulate ourselves. I hope we can keep going with the detailed and helpful technical discussions, which I have especially valued, and share our thoughts and experiences along our learning journey - particularly our triumphs and goals achieved :)

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Just wanted to add a post of support :). Your thoughtful and timely posts are much appreciated by me, Redbookish. I'm sure those qualities will make you an excellent mod, and a worthy ally to Xena, who has always presided with great sagesse :wink:.

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These board seem to have grown greatly in terms of membership and posting activity over the past few years, and I'm alway amazed by and thankful for the fabulous job our moderators do. Redbookish, let me add my words of congratulations, support, and appreciation to those who wrote above! We have a fabulous team with you and Xena! :)


May I also add, what a *lovely* reintroduction! :wink:




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Aww, thanks guys :thumbsup: I hope we can continue the good work and it's great to have an ally, but I think of you all as friends . I realise I haven't been as active as I have been in the past, but I do always keep an eye on you all - just to make sure you are OK, and now I have an extra pair of eyes! :)

As always, if you have any ideas or things you want implemented or changed or suggestions for stickies etc, please PM us.

Jeanette a.k.a Xena

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I second what je danse said. You've contributed a great deal to this forum and it seems you are ever-willing to share your wisdom and knowledge with us. Having personally benefitted from your words, I am especially happy to hear that you've been asked to moderate. Congrats! Even while maintaining Xena's light-touch approach to moderating, I do hope you'll continue to share your fab insights with us :thumbsup:

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Birmingham, eh? I know of four lads from there. Go by the name of Duran Duran. (The LeBonator doesn't count......he's from London!)

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Yay Redbookish! We appreciate the hard work the mods do, and welcome you as one.

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What she said... :P

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