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class-in dancewear or similar?


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hi everyone,

I've been searching for class-in dancewear's website everywhere! but I've had no luck... does anyone know their website?

also, more specifically, I'm looking for a mirella leotard with velvet trim along the bustline with a v-front...i think the style has been discontinued, but it's gorgeous and I'd love to find one. Any ideas on that one?

thanks so much for the help!



P.S. please feel free to edit or delete if this post does not belong here!

P.P.S. I'm sorry I can't provide you with a picture! :wub:

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Ah! I love classin dance wear! They have a new lovely website. For customs that are premade (kind of an oxymoron but whatever) make sure to click on New Arrivals.

Their website is:


Have fun!


AH! I just realized where I was posting. I am not an adult student, but When I saw this post I was so happy to help someone (finally) that I posted without thinking.

Mods, sorry, and please remove as necessary!


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How do these generally fit? I'm thinking of Christmas presents for my DD. If you normally wear a small leo do you wear a small in these also?

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Knock knock, I'm a teen, but Momof3darlings, they pretty much fit the same way as all other leos. They don't make XS, so you can't order one of those. If she normally wears a small, a small will be fine.

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