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Ballet Schools in Russia - Moscow


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I realize this might be a fruitless question, but if anyone would know, the BT4D people would!


I am moving to Moscow (short-term -4 months) for a job with the govt. Moscow obviously has heaps of ballet, but I am wondering if there is any place for adult students (who are not very good) to take technique classes. Oh, and my Russian is not fabulous, but I think I could manage through a class with enough hand gestures and a limited vocab.


I just can't stand the thought of being in the same city with so many fabulous ballet companies, and not taking classes! Any suggestions?

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Hi Chelsea,

I have asked my Russian ballet teacher if she knew anyplace in Moscow for you to take class. She will call her friend there to do a search. She was not too sure about open ballet classes for non-professionals, because she was one of those young girls picked out of many to train exclusivly.

I liked the photos you posted from camp.

Hope to see you at ADC next summer. Steve

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Nzdancer, please feed back if you find any classes. I am travelling to Moscow as well next year. Only for about 2 weeks and VERY limited Russian, but it would be fun to take a class while I am there :-)

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Well, it is business/research and a very small bit of holidays. I have been invited to give an EIBT workshop at a theatre school, but I hope to have time to explore Moscow, watch a ballet performance and eventually take a class :-)

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Hello NZdancer,


I found a place in Moscow that you might be able to visit. Russian Academy of Theatre Arts. Their website is at Gitis.net Right now they have an adult ballet intensive for all levels beginner to advanced. Started today. Their website is russianballetcamp.com. Their next sessions are in May, July and September.


Have fun in Moscow, Steve

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Wow! That looks like a totally cool way to spend two weeks, seeing Russia and taking class to boot! It looks a little light for the guys though. Then again, a two week experience, one doesn't want to go to class all day long. I'd never make it through the whole intensive.


Pretty impressive. I'd want to see the facilities and find out if they're bonafide before I ploooed money down to travel all the way there. I'd hate to get there and find out they have hard or poorly maintained floors and tiny studios.

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Definitely a very interesting website. Thank you! :)

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I will only be in Moscow for about 10 days, have to check if they have drop in classes. That would be good. :-)

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Is it normal for a SI to take so much tuition??!! It seems incredibly high to me!


3600 dollars tuition plus 150 dollars cancellation insurance plus 2100 dollars deposit??!! For just two weeks of dancing? EEEK! :blushing:

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I will check on the facilities while I am there, and see if they have drop in classes. As for the price, Moscow is INCREDIBLY expensive, and the price (I believe) includes housing. Given that a very low-end budget hotel can easily run $150/night, I suppose I can see this. Gitis seems to be pretty good; I wonder if they have the same instructors. I do my best reconnaissance, and report back.


Thanks for the wishes, kacy! It will be a switch from the NZ summer to a Russian winter, but I am looking forward to it :angry:

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The Russian isntensive looks wonderful! but 2 left is right, best to have someone check it out first! another friend from Richmond ( whom you know quite well)) and I were quite intrested in going so do let us know if you scope it out. Best of luck Chelsea!!:D

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