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Walking Home From School


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We recently moved to a new house, and it is close to my public high school, so I walk home in the afternoon. Luckily, it is also closer to my ballet school, too! Less driving for my mother! :) But, there are three different ways I know how to get home. One is hilly, the other is half flat, half hilly, and the other is almost all flat. Does walking uphill tighten the calf muscles? I don't want to tighten my muscles, because that's not good for ballet. It's kind of a random question, but I want to know the best route to walk home from school.


Sorry if this isn't posted in the right place!



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The best route for you to walk home is the safest one! There is a point at which worrying about your calf muscles isn't the most important thing and this would be one of them!

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Distance is really more important than terrain. What are we talking about here? One mile? Two? Twenty, uphill both ways?

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Actually, Emily, it would be much better to do demi pliés and calf stretches! :(

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Walking is excellent for both warming up and cooling down. As long as hills don't give you any pain, there should be no issues. Dress warm so your upper body and back does not get a chill.


The best route is ALWAYS the safest route. I would stick to the most traveled route and avoid quiet and dark streets. **NEVER** approach a car that may pull up near you asking for help or directions. Creeps may be hanging around the studio. If someone gets too close, **RUN** to the nearest house or building. Look behind you every once in a while.


Wear light/bright coloured clothing after sunset, and stay on the sidewalk.


Be Safe and Dance!



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There's some excellent advice here, about both walking and safety. When I lived in San Francisco, my house was at the top of a 17% grade hill. I walked to and from the studio, which was, I guess, no more than a mile away. Let me tell you, it helped my stamina tons! =] So no matter which route you take--and it is best to take the safest--the walking will give you a chance to build some stamina, more so than the girls and boys who drive their cars! (Not to mention you'll save a small fortune not having to pay for gas.)

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Thanks everyone! Yeah, all of the routes are about the same legnth, about 3/4 of a mile, I guess. I guess I'll go the pretty flat or half-hilly route, those seem the safest to me!



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