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I feel a bit :lol: starting this.


It is nothing big at all. Due to the politics surrounding my dancing world lately (see Wine Couch, October 2006 :angry: ), I've been reasserting to myself that I dance for *me* first and foremost, but it can be hard to translate that feeling into a reality.


Thursday mornings I have classes with the :( teacher... and after the past few weeks of craziness and hopelessness on my part, I somehow was very much *there*.


I didn't do anything amazing, but I danced with more technical integrity than I have for a while. The turnout muscles are hurting majorly, just a few hours later. My lower back feels duly lengthened, as do the front of my hips (I usually sway/tip my pelvis).... I got quite a lot of 'so much better'! (Amazing what the occassional positive affirmation does for us), but realistic too (a particular correction/comment included a 'yes, much better - not quite there yet, now think of this....') I liked that positive realism.


Don't know why, but am feeling quite proud of myself at the moment! I think though, that this teacher deserves a few bottles of the champers as well...!

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Guest pink tights

Ami--You are so kind to include your teacher in your champagne moment. Clearly without our teachers, none of us would get anywhere. And I'm so happy to hear that you are not letting the politics get you down.



I have been focused on cleaning....I feel it in my body. I think as we age, (maintaining!!) turnout becomes more difficult. But I do feel like I am hanging on, rather than losing it! So I guess I'll count that as my reason for toasting.

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Guest pink tights
I've even been permitted to forego the camwalker stage and weight bear as tolerated, on the condition that I don't take any painkillers in order to push my limits.



Grace, that is fantastic news!!!! Listen to your Dr. and listen to your body....take it nice and slow. You wouldn't want to end up back in that awful cast!!! Cheers!!!

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I'm not really sure if this was even partially a compliment, but my teacher was correcting my attitude today, saying "You have good turnout but I'm not seeing any of that there".


Another thing I'm really happy about is how she patiently and persistently keeps giving me corrections in pirouettes. I'm about the worst turner in the world, and am really struggling with my doubles. Nevertheless, she's showing little sign of frustration but keeps correcting and encouraging me. She's a real gem. :wub:


ami, there are days when everything seems to fall in place beautifully..and afterwards you are not exactly sure what it is that caused it or how to replicate the experience :wacko: . Happy to hear that you had that kind of a day!

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Ami, I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better about your ballet situation and that you find yourself to be dancing with more "technical integrity" as a result. I too am fond of positive realism- it's the perfect balance between ego deflation and ego inflation. :lol:


Pink tights- I think the maintenance of turnout is something that definitely merits a glass of bubbly :)


Now for Grace's champagne moment: The cast is off (as of 20 minutes ago!), once and for all. I've even been permitted to forego the camwalker stage and weight bear as tolerated, on the condition that I don't take any painkillers in order to push my limits. All I have to wear is a brace and sensible shoes! My doc expects that I will be able to fully weight bear in a week. I can already walk 5 steps with just the brace on :D *Grace applauds herself*. Right now my leg looks more like a twig than a leg (and has flexibility to match- I can't even point or flex my ankle, eek!), but the fact that I get to start physio this afternoon gives me tremendous hope. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that by next time this week I'll be able to start some gentle barrework. Now where's my champagne?

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Another thing I'm really happy about is how she patiently and persistently keeps giving me corrections in pirouettes. I'm about the worst turner in the world,


No you're not. :shrug:


And congratulations, good turnout is really a wonderful thing. If you haven't got it, I'm not sure you can get it.


I had my moment on Saturday. A girl in my intermediate class said to me, "I've been watching you today and goodness, you've really improved!", or something along those lines. I was so happy I spent the rest of the weekend watching ballet videos and practicing rises in my point shoes!

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More champagne, pleaase! Guess who's walking with only one crutch, almost fully weight-bearing? That's right, Grace is! Physio's going really well and my last X-ray (yesterday) showed that the fracture has healed well (except for that piece of cartilage that they're going to have to dig out) and the MRI showed that two of my ligaments are almost completely healed. The third (anterior talofibular) is still a bit torn and yes, remains painful, but it is FINALLY showing signs of healing! :D

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Grace, I can really empathize with you! After a sacroilliac joint injury that put me out for most of the summer, I'm finally getting back on my toes again. I can really admire your grit and determination. You deserve to give y ourself as many toasts and congratulations as you can-you're working very hard for it! And your injury sounds much worse than mine.


Tonights class was delightfully gruelling for me. I've been out of commission for a while and had to be very patient with myself, and be able to laugh. One thing I did well, though. During turns the teacher asked for double en dedan turns and I told her "I can't do doubles, is it okay to do a single?" After I said the word "can't" I caught myself and said that I had not yet successfully executed double en dedan turns and tonight might be my night for success. And then to my pleasant surprise, I did several doubles in a row! :lol:


It always pays to think positively about obstacles. Negativity can be the biggest obstacle of all. But then, how does one think positively about the obstacle of negativity? :shrug:



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A small addition to my earlier post-----


I hadn't been to class in a long time and the time had changed. I peaked my head in about five minutes late. Silence, then squeals and the sound of all of the girls feet as they ran to meet me at the door! Even the teacher trotted over and there were hugs all around. How can a person not succeed with a welcome like that? It'll last me for the rest of the year! :lol:



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Wow! several en dedans doubles in one class! I love turning (although I do tend towards the windmill style!) but still find I have to concentrate and work for double en dedans much more than en dehors or from fifth. Congratulations!

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Completely non dance related- but I got my new pet cockatiel bird yesterday- I named her Ruby (for her red eyes-she's almost albino) Giselle ( what else?). She is such a sweetie!

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I really didn't want to send my first post under champagne coach in a time when I'm so unhappy; but it seems worthy enough to announce.


My middle split was 120 degrees tops in August, when I first started taking lessons. Then, when I was working, my boyfriend has taken screenshots from my webcam view for me to compare my pictures and see my improvement. I have another screenshot which is taken in September and my middle split is like 140 degrees on that one. Aaand, today, with my latest screenshot, I've noticed that my middle split is now 170 degrees. I guess I need just one or two months to make it 180 :wink::) I still need wine rather than champagne tho..

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Thanks Ruby- after i wrote it, I remembered you :)

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