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Russian Pointe Ballet Slippers for Males


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My ds has called and needs new ballet slippers again. He goes through them so fast. But he wants Russian Pointe for males. They are not pointe shoes but ballet slippers for males made by Russian Pointe.


I have googled and cannot find them anywhere. He has tried on a pair one of the boys in his residency program wears and he knows the size he requires but I can't find them.


Anyone know where I can get these?



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You can order them right off of the Russian Pointe website:

Russian Pointe


You start by choosing the model, then click the 'Netx Step' button. That will take you to the Size page. The sizes are reversed according to their size chart, so where it says Russian Pointe, it should be American street shoe, and where it says American, it should be RP. After you pick the size, you click the 'Next Step' button to choose the width, and again for vamp length, and finally, color. They make them in Black, white and pink.


Hope that helps!

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:) Oops! You're right...I didn't make it all the way through the pages, and I assumed the last page would be for ordering. But yes, on the last page you can either contact them to order, or click on a link to find a dealer near you!
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DS has a gift certificate for Russian Pointe but we have to order them through the distributor. (Which is just as well since no one near us sells the slippers.) We spoke with someone there yesterday - they were very nice. It was easy to get the size - she just converted from street size. My concern was with the vamp, since he couldn't try them on. In case your DS doesn't already know what vamp size he wants - she said most boys use a V2 or V3 and that those with longer toes do best with the V3. Would love to know how your DS likes them before we order!

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If I can find somewhere to order them I will let you know. He never mentioned the vamp, just the size so I guessed when I filled in the non order form on the website.


The website lists vendors near us that are not even in business anymore. One shop closed over a year ago and it never carried any Russian Pointe products and it is listed as a local distributor. Someone gave me the name and number of a shop about 60 miles from me. I'll call to see if they carry them and when ds comes home for Thanksgiving we will have to take the trip.

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I got russian pointe slippers through Back Bay Dancewear. I had their catalog and had seen them online but I made a phone call to order. My size had to be special ordered.

Nice shoes!!!!!



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My DS ordered 2 pair from a retailer, in March, but we finally received them in late October. Hope you are not in a hurray to obtain their slippers.

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