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Ballet Schools in Georgia - Augusta


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My dh has informed me his company will be opening a new center in Georgia next year and it is a possibility he will be transferred. :blink: Could anyone recommend a pre-pro school in the Augusta, Ga area? Thank you! :)

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The Augusta Ballet has a school, here. I have not observed school classes, but I liked their company class, I have a Vaganova background and they seemed to have a russian influence. I think they have a junior company type of group that they let take company class with the professionals, however, they no longer have a professional company, it folded this spring. I have no idea what else is in the area. It is a charming town and my parents drove around and found the cutest place for me to live, had I moved there; little houses, looked like 2 or 3 bedrooms, with a one lane street, in a wooded area, tiny yard/almost zero lot lines (a plus for me!), a tennis court, and beautifully landscaped.

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Thanks Tiffany for the link. I've done a bit of preliminary research and it seems the Augusta Ballet School is the only "non-dolly dinklish" one around. It makes me a little nervous the company folded so recently and all that is left is the school. Does anyone else have any experience with this school or know of another? Atlanta is over two hours away where it seems most of the more professional schools are. *sigh* We are happy where we are so it makes it harder to consider other places. My dd would be very, very sad to leave her current teachers. I hope we will have the opportunity to pass on the transfer if it comes to it. :blushing:

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Fairy--with the schools and companies really being seperate entities, there have been several places in the past that when the company has folded the school has flourished and not missed a beat. Hopefully this is the case wtih Augusta Ballet School. Keep checking back, there are a couple of former dancers from Augusta who used to come here, they were not regulars but maybe they still lurk and will eventually see this prior to your move.


If you do move and decide you can travel a bit. There are a couple of schools still in the Atlanta area that are a little further outside the city to help cut down on that travel possibility. Not near Augusta for sure but at least saving about 30 minutes.

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Ohio-I'm pretty familiar with most of the area schools/teachers/directors in one capacity or another. If it is not from my DD and her travels then it is as a local costumer who does works for many. As well, we did a lot of searching, watching of productions, teacher searching prior to our move to a pre-pro. So familiar might be an understatement. :devil:

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