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Ballets: The Nutcracker

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From The Best Tales of Hoffmann translated by E F Bleiler (1967)


"Nutcracker and the King of Mice"



Marie (who is seven)

Miss Gertrude (her biggest doll)

Miss Clara (her new doll)

In Marie's first "dream" Miss Clara is attracted to the Nutcracker but the Nutcracker prefers Marie.

Louise (elder sister)

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Balanchine's Nutcracker is on Ovation TV right this second (in Act 2) but it comes on again at either 1 or 2pm in case anyone is interested. It's the one with Macauley Caulkin.

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Ok my 13 year old daughter was just cast as a reed flute duet in the nutcracker. Is that a good part? and what exactly is that part?

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Victoria Leigh

Hello dancechica, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :party:


Your profile says dancer?student, but you are speaking of your daughter. Would you please clarify that for us? I need to move this post to a different forum, and not quite sure where to move it. Thank you :)

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Ok my 13 year old daughter was just cast as a reed flute duet in the nutcracker. Is that a good part? and what exactly is that part?


I will say what everyone else will say. Every part is important, therefore they are all good parts.


That said, yes...at our studio the reed flutes (also known as merlitons) are a highly desired part. It's different at every studio though.


It's part of the land of sweets, and generally has a cute wooden 'flute' with ribbons hanging from the end as a prop.


Do a search on youtube for nutcracker reed flute and you'll see lots of different variations.

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Very good answer, angiered. Every part is a great part! And reed flute is one of the many ways Marzipan/Mirleton is done in variation.


*My Olympics sleep deprived brain is making me picture someone thinking their child might be dressed up as a wooden stick with holes. But made for a nice morning chuckle to start the day for this costumer who gets that look from parents all the time when a part has an unfamiliar name :party:

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Ever look up "mirliton"? After you get through the little green bean, you'll find that it's a kazoo! Anyway, the "Danse des Mirlitons" is a part of the better-known of the two "Nutcracker Suites" and thus music with which the audience is familiar. As such, it's a much-looked-for part of the Act II divertissement.


But please do straighten us out on who's doing the posting here!

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