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Nutcracker drives me CRAZY!!!


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This girl in my level at ballet is really sad and angry right now because she is getting parts taken away in a role for someone else to do, she is doing young Clara though, and the other girl isn't, I keep telling her that it isn't fair that we (meaning her and me), get all the good parts while others don't.Am I right? She won't listen to me though, we each do Clara three times out of nine performances, and she is Fritz once and I am Fritz twice(long story short there are no young boys)I do a soldier once,she doesn't I am chinese 5 times and she is also Chinese five times, I don't know what else to say to her because I have more parts than her and I don't want to hurt her feelings more,she deserves all her parts too, and the girl who does the rest of the Fritzes isn't even there all of the time in rehearsal she is always sick. I am blowing off steam because she got one of my Fritz parts too,but I am fine with it because I know that I got young Clara and not many girls get to be Clara right? :shrug::shrug::)


Nutmegdancer :innocent:

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This is a good place to "sound" out your feelings and frustrations Nutmegdancer and it is nice to see you recognize it when you are doing so. You are indeed a very fortunate young person to have the opportunity to perform at all, much less young Clara, Fritz, soldier and Chinese. You are better off recognizing your fortune than analyzing who, why, where or when at this stage of your development. Strive for bigger and better always, but please appreciate what you have! :blushing:

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Please listen to Vrsfanatic's advice, Nutmegdancer, and also impart that knowledge to your friend. When it comes to casting, all dancers are at the total discretion of the director or choreographer, and there are always some who feel it's not fair. Well, LIFE is not fair. This is a part of the ballet world that will always be there, so you might as well just learn to accept it and deal with it. :blushing:


That said, I am now going to close this thread, or we will have every story of every teens casting woes in history! If you wish to get sympathy then take it to the Buddy Board. :)

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