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OK, here's the deal: My class at school is going to see an educational performance by our towns professional company for a field trip next week. My teacher wants to give them some backround about ballet and she asked me if I could find a short (30 min. or so) documentary about ballet for them. I want something that might give them a little more respect for how hard and demanding dancing is. Does anyone know of something I could use? Any suggestions would be appreciated. :shrug:

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How about "Born to Be Wild-The Leading Men of American Ballet Theatre"?


It's longer than 30 minutes but perhaps you could fast-fwd through some things.

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I don't have a specific recommendation, but I suggest that you look at your local public library. Libraries usually have an assortment of documentaries along the lines of what your teacher is looking for and they are geared towards people who know little or nothing about dance. And the librarians are often very knowledgeable about the content of the videos.

Hope this helps.

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The movie "The Children of Theater Street" is longer than 30 min. but the parts with the essential information is shorter.


I would recomend it highly. It documents the lives of three children training to be dancers, and what they have to go through, as well as gives a background of ballet, and famous dancers.

I think kids can relate to it, since it focuses on children, as apposed to an adult who they cannot relate to as well.


Even if you do not decide to use it I would suggest seeing it anyway. It is a must watch for all aspering dancers!


Have fun at the ballet :)

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A video that both of my daughters enjoyed was "Dare to Dance"(1995). It is 40 minutes long. It talks about the hopes, dreams, and sacrifices of three girls of different ages pursuing a ballet career. It also features comments by the faculty of the schools on what it takes to become a ballet dancer, and a mother's point of view. Two of the girls were attending Pacific Northwest Ballet School, and one was in the Cornish College of the Arts. The end of the tape showed two of the girls in performance with the PNB School. I just checked, and it is still available on amazon.com.

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A video that both of my daughters enjoyed was "Dare to Dance"(1995).


2marzipans, thank you so much for this recommendation. I went to amazon and ordered it right away (they actually didn't stock it themselves but are selling it through other sellers). My DD and I watched it yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. An excellent documentary, I wish it were released on DVD as well.

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I'm pretty sure this isn't the right forum for my suggestion, so delete me if necessary!


If you can't find a movie....and if you have time during this busy time of year....how about putting together a little presentation yourself?


DD is working on her project for the end of the year in her Language Arts class. She will be doing a presentation on the training and career of a professional dancer. My 10 year old son recently had "career and hobby day" and asked her if she would come in and talk. She wasn't at all ready yet - but she threw together a few things and really gave a nice presentaiton to his class. The kids loved it -- both the girls and the boys. She spoke for about 30 minutes, then they had at least 20 minutes of question and answer. You could limit that, of course! His teachers told me some of the mothers told her afterward how much the kids enjoyed it.

She had 2 posters - one the anatomy of a point shoe and a "nutrician" chart telling what kinds of foods contain the essential things a dancer needs. The other poster showed some famous ballet companies and principal dancers - along with the place they came from so the kids could see some "regular" kids grew up to be principal dancers. She passed around a new point shoe and a dead one. She had them all stand in a semi circle and go through the basic positions -- then demonstrated some of them in quick combinations. She didn't go on pointe and explained to them what a safe floor to dance on is made of. She talked about what the ballets were about - then later was asked her favorite and she told the story of Coppelia.


Of course, you could go on and on - but it may be pretty easy for you to fill up 30 minutes!

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love_ballet -


I just saw your post. I've been so busy since Thanksgiving. I'm glad you liked the "Dare To Dance" video. It's one that we've watched over and over. I wish I could find out where all the girls are now, and if they all became professional dancers.



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alternatively you could look at "the dancer". It is about the Royal Swedish Ballet School. Good luck! :-)

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One good and short and fan and inspiring video:

Jurí Kylián on Mozart music

"Six dances", about 13 minutes

I have this on disc, 96 MB and can upload when somebody need

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