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ok so

i am ok flexible, i mean i can do my splits but my straddle is not all the way there. I want to help my straddle get better and become even more flexible on my right and left strech at home but i dont know how. I would just do splits, but last time i did that i pulled a muscle and it was bad. Ideas??

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Mr.pen, stretches for flexibility are done when you are fully warmed up from a class, or at least from the barre work. You also should do only stretches that you have been taught HOW to do, and when to do them.


Class work is designed to develop both strength and flexibility. Talk to your teacher about what you need to do in addition to classes. Working on splits is fine, BUT, you must do them only when warmed up!

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I'm 17 but I learned this really great stretch for middle splits, we call them circles..... I hope it's okay to post..


Once you're warmed up, you sit up in your middle splits as much as you can, not so they're really tight, comfy but stretched.


You reach to the right with your arms, moving your upper body as close to your leg as possible and then with your body still stretched down to the floor as much as you can, you work through the center to get to the left side and stretch over your leg with your left arm on top so that when you get all the way to the left side your arm swings in a circle and your right arm comes up so your arms are in 3rd position with the right on top and your body has come back upright. then your left swings back in a circle and your body goes back to your left side then you go through center and this time your right arm is the one making a circle and then your left is the one on top in 3rd.


It's a lot easier if you see it and I don't know if it makes sense written...but it really helps. If you don't understand it, there's a video on youtube of it that I can post. Ms. Leigh and Mr. Johnson can delete this if it isn't okay :)

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As long as your legs are rotated from the hip, with the knees pointing up, it means that you are getting your hips really loosened up and that's a good thing. You can do a center split without the legs being turned out at all, and that's a bad thing for ballet, but OK for gymnastics. Works better on the balance beam.

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