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Why do they correct the best ones?


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I take class from 5 different teachers. In 4 of them, I get corrected alot on "small" things such as the ring finger being to far up, left shoulder blade being more relaxed , a more relaxed smile, etc...

I LOVE being corrected because that is how I improve. Question is why am I being corrected on "small" things when others can't do the step correctly and aren't being corrected, and I am just missing a small detail.

In the other class, I rarely get corrected at all. I only get ( good job). It is a level wtih 2 mixed levels and I am in the younger one. Only the older ones get corrected basically.


Why doesn't the teacher correct students who are doing badly, instead of helping a student who is doing it well with a little missing.


PS I am kind of new to this "harcore" ballet thing. This would be my first year where I am at the studio about 5 days a week. I love being corrected as I stated before, so this is a question of curiosty.

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l321385 your question is one that I am sure quite a few students of ballet have. I know, at times I did, when I was a young student. You say you are new to a five day a week schedule, perhaps you will find that over time, the corrections will even out in the long run.


That being said, sometimes students do not know what they look like when they take a class. I am saying this because often students will be concentrating so hard that their eyes and faces can look blank. Some students can even look disinterested. Generally none of this is done on purpose, but students do need to look interested in what is going on in a class.


One suggestion you may try or discuss with the other students is to mark exercises with good arms when a teacher is setting the combination. Also try to make/apply the corrections that are given to others. A very good way to show interest is to focus correctly in combinations. Make sure you use your eyes while working by leading your fingers with your eyes. Complete coordination of the body can always help to make a student look interested in what they are doing.


You could also ask your teachers what it is they are looking for in a student. Sometimes a teacher's perspective is quite different from a student's. :blushing:

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Moderators please delete if inappropriate- trying to give a personal perspective, not advice/answers, but it's still possible I have no idea what I'm talking about.


Personally, I would only worry if I were one of the students who didn't get corrected. I am always more pleased when i get a ton of picky corrections because I take it to mean that my basics are good enough so I can afford to focus on perfecting the step. But if I go too long in a class without a picky correction on the small stuff, I begin to fear the teacher has given up on my potential to learn anything and has decided to stop wasting time teaching me. If I didn't get enough/zero corrections from a teacher (like it seems some of the less-able students in your class are) I would see the teacher after class to talk about it and if it continued without justification over a number of classes I would likely look into a new teacher. I have been in class with current NYCB principals- and class size permitting, they get corrected at least as much as the most promising students.


However, I may be a little abnormal in my desire for corrections. After all, few things in school dissappoint me more than a graded English essay returned with "100% Great Job" as the only comment.

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Guest TeasrAndSweat

Teachers want to help people who are willing to improve and who really show their passion and dedication more than the other students. If you are being corrected more, than means thatthe teacher wants to help you more because she sees that potential in you more than she does in other people. So, being corrected is something you should love and be proud of (which you are, way to go!) because some people would love to get some attention and corrections.


So good luck, oh and don't forget sometimes it could seem as if you are the only one getting corrected, but relaly others get corrected just as much.

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