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Reliability in turning


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We constantly hear that there will be times when your turns are better and worse. For me, I can do a triple and a quadruple one day and the next day I am struggling for clean doubles :ermm: . So what if you are a professional and on the day of your performance you have a bad pirouette day, what do you do? Or do professionals not have bad days? It just seems unreliable, but I guess everything is. :wub:



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As a professional you may not have the exact same number of turns every day, but there will still be consistency in a certain amount that one can always depend on, and also consistency in the quality of the turn and the finish. It is only soloists and principals who get to do more than a double or triple in performance, and if they are having an "off" day (which will be way fewer than those endured by students) they will just not go for more in their solos.

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No. Ballet is not totally about pirouettes, you know, even though they might sometimes seem so, at least to students. :devil:

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My teacher ( a current professional dancer) has very unstable turning days and she said that when she gets up in the morning and does a single, then a double, then a triple, and the she goes for five or six and she says that that helps her- but if you take a while to wake up, you may not want to do this near any sharp corners or fine china :)

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