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My teacher says that when you trying to 'get your leg up' you're supposed to use the muscle right underneath your rear- not the muscles on top of your thigh. (I hope that makes sense) When I'm doing extensions, it feels like I'm using the muscles on top of my thigh. I don't really understand what my teacher is getting at, and how to properly use those muscles. Explanations, anyone? Please??

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L'Allegro, I'm really sorry, but I have done that one sooooooo many times here. You are not new, so please, please try a search! I have described it on the YD forums and the Adult forum like over and over again.


Here is just one, from 2001!



"Hello skywriter, welcome to Ballet Alert Online and the Adult Ballet Students' forum!Sounds like you are gripping the thigh muscles, specifically the quadriceps, in your extensions. Instead of thinking of inner or outer muscles, try thinking of the energy for lifting the leg coming from underneath, or behind the legs. One way to help you feel this is to take a breath at the moment before the developpé, while in the retiré position, and exhale as you unfold the leg. Try to imagine a force coming from underneath your leg to lift it up! The quad muscle will contract at the top of the extension, when the knee is straight, however the work will have been done more from the hamstrings and the energy pattern throughout the body which allows the leg to "release" into the developpé instead of gripping everything to get it there. Also, since you have just returned to ballet, I would suggest that you not push for the world's highest extensions right away! Just go for placement, rotation, and a feeling of some freedom in the extension. smile.gif[ November 06, 2001: Message edited by: Victoria Leigh ]"

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