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Do Private Performing Arts school need boys?

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I'm sorry if this is not the best forum for this question - feel free to move! I see a crossroad with my DS in a couple years and am looking for info on Private Performing Arts school and if boys are actively recruited.


Academically the local public schools are excellent, but there is no public Performing Arts school. Are there Private Performing Arts schools? Are there any that would be a good fit for the student isn't looking toward a pro-ballet career, but as an advocation? Presently he has it great, he can dance all year round at varioius places with minimal cost; in a couple years I don't think there will be much left in the way of dance education for him locally Academically he does great, but dance leaves little time for any other outside activity.


Lastly we all know that good private schools are just as expensive as colleges, is there any history out there of scholarships for boys who dance at private secondary schools?

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There are many performing art and dance shools-but the only ones that I know of personally are boarding schools. Is this what you are considering?

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There are many performing art and dance shools-but the only ones that I know of personally are boarding schools. Is this what you are considering?



Yes I am thinking about the boarding schools. There are certainly fine schools outside an hour commute from us, but I can't see how he could manage school, dance, and the commute between; let alone sleep and eat.

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dancetaxi2, you should check out the thread on Walnut Hill School.


They train boys as well as girls, and award scholarships as well.


Another school to investigate is Interlochen in Michigan. A male dancer who is a graduate posts here on occasion.

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Hi Dancetaxi2,


I am sort of in the same boat. Last week, my son got to talk with a group of the young men who dance with our local company. Many of them went away to the boarding schools when they were in high school.


All these young men are great dancers, and are very well mannered, down to earth, and seemingly well-adjusted humans. They all said they had a great time at their respective schools, and definitely recommend it for boys who want to dance professionally and who live somewhere where they don't have access to one of the nationally known ballet schools that offer intensive programs for the high school aged dancers.


One of them came from the Royal Winnepeg Ballet School, another from Harid, another from Virginia School of the Arts, and another is from a school in Russia. I believe all of these young men received scholarships during their schooling.


I am trying not to think too far ahead for my DS, as he isn't quite 12 and the thought of him leaving home at 14 makes me miss him before he's even got one foot out the door!


This might be a good question for the "parents of boys" forum. I now there are several parents there with boys in residential schools who are very helpful.

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Hi DanceTaxi2


My son is in a residency program right now. We did quite a bit of research before deciding on a place. The academic program was as important to us as the dance program. I know that you don't have PM privileges so I would suggest that you really look through the thread on pre-professional schools. And think what kind of academic environment is best suited for your son.


Many have online schooling such as Keystone. That is a wonderful solution for some students. Others are rigorous private schools with high academic expectations but little in the way of support services for students who are less academically inclined. Some have students attending the local public high school for the morning and then spending the rest of the time at the studio. Some of these are attached to wonderful public schools, others to schools not as demanding.


Know what you expect from a residency program. What kind of structure do you want for your child. What kind of environment. How competitive is your child. These are all things to consider when considering whether your child will fare well in a boarding situation. How self directed and self disciplined is he regarding school work? This will help choose the right kind of academic program.

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Have you considered Bossov Ballet in Maine? Andre Bossov is particularly wonderful with boys. I can't believe what he managed to get out of the boys (mainly beginners) he had at summer school. Try this link and see if it would be suitable for you - http://www.bossovballet.com/year_round.asp

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dancedriver your recommendations are right on in terms of what parents should be realizing when choosing a residency program. About the only thing I might add is to look closely at the faculty when selecting a ballet residency program. Look for faculty members who are known to be good, solid teachers. Network, have your son attend various SIs at the residency programs your child might be interested to attend. Although this may not be a good measurement for level of student enrolled in the year round program, it is a very good indicater of the abilities of the faculty.

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If you decide to consider St. Paul's, your son must take the SSAT, a test similar to the SAT but for students who wish to enter certain independent private high schools. Some testing dates have already passed, but he can still take them on January 6th. The December 9th test date is closed to registration now. Go to this website for test centers. SSAT Site

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Thanks for the recommendation. He is in 7th grade now, so it is o.k. if we miss the upcoming deadline. I did "scan the web", and yes it is an extremely excellent school I could find little on dance though, just listed a few courses, one or two being labled advanced. I did e-mail them and I'm hoping to get more info, but probably have to wait till their Nutcrackaer/Admissions rush is over.



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They have both dance class and they use dance as phys ed, so 2 times a day, and "extra" when needed


PM me





Sorry I'm not allowed to PM until I have 30 post! At this rate it would be about six months, unless I find a forum like "People who like Ballet who want to talk skiing" or find "Yankee v. RedSox rivalry" in CrossTalk.


Mel Johnson if you are out there is there anyway I can get my e-mail to gbna without spelling it out here in a post (which I am assuming is not recommended or allowed).

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