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Do Private Performing Arts school need boys?

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dancetaxi2, the prohibition on posting e-mail addresses is really for the protection of the young dancers. Adult members may do so at their discretion. If you would like to post your e-mail to enable gnba to correspond with you, you may do so. Often when a member does this, they return to edit the e-mail address out of the post once they receive confirmation that the person with whom they were sharing it did receive it. (Simply go to the 'edit' button at the end of that post and it will permit you to edit that post.)

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Ed McPherson



Hello, as my signature shows I attended the Interlochen Arts Academy for my last two years of high school. It was a wonderful experience for me. During my first year Sharon Randolph was the director (now current director of St.Pauls mentioned above) my second year one of the previous years faculty was promoted to fill the vacancy she created. Your son is so young if the school interests you I would suggest you ask to recieve the Crescendo, its a magaizine the school publishes twice a year and mails out to its alum and donnors, it will give you a better glimps of what the schools students go on to do in their professional lives.

I hate trying to sell the school so here's the web address. Check it out, if it seems like something that might fit your son give me an email and we can talk more about it.


mail at edwardmcpherson dot com


In regards to the financials, when I attended only minor scholarship was given to boys just because they were boys. However the school is very supportive in the first place, when I was in attendance 70% of the student body received aid and the average amount was more than half the cost of tuition. Those numbers have probably changed since then, either for better or worse.



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