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Links to youtube?


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I thought we weren't meant to link directly to youtube on this board (see Victoria Leigh's posting of 21 Oct) but recent postings of links have gone unremarked. Is there a change of policy, or would you still prefer that we didnt link?


(This related to direct postings of links; however, giving enough information to allow the link to be found was said to be OK.)


I'm not being a busybody, I've a link I'd like to share, but dont want do what I'm not meant to.




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You are right, Jim. However, it sometimes takes more time and control than I have had lately!

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Just checking in, and, Skye, I've removed your link to Youtube. The information you gave in your post will be enough for people to find the video if they wish to see it.


Jim, I suppose you could always give us the key words, so we could find the Youtube video independently.

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Ok. Jimpickles, could you please tell me where to find Ms. Leigh's post you mentioned, I searched but couldn't seem to find it. I'm wondering if the rule only aplies to Youtube and similar links or links in general.


Sorry once again, I didn't know it wasn't allowed. :)


Edited - thanks Redbookish, now I found it.

Edited by Skye
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(post deleted after reading all the other discussions about youtube)



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I posted a link to a generic men's ballet "You Tube" video in the Men's forum, before I saw the link asking people not to. :flowers: (This was on October 29, and it did not mention or criticize any dancers)


My apoligies if I offended anyone - it was innocent and not intentional, and I promise not to post any other "youTube" links! :D

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Dear All,

It's no big infraction of rules - don't worry! :D The links take up bandwidth, and as Ms Leigh says in this post

Favourite YouTube videos

there are copyright issues, as well as the tendency to get into discussions which can be problematic in a number of ways. :D But we all know how to use keywords to search web-sites, I imagine, and can find interesting videos if we wish!! :flowers:

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