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Guest dancin_in_the_moonlight

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Guest dancin_in_the_moonlight

i am currently in a ballet and jazz class back to back one day a week. not much, i know.. but my mom and i can only afford so much. anyways, i've decided that i'm going to do the dance recital for my jazz class. should i still stick with my ballet class even if i don't do the recital for it? will it help me with my jazz class? i like my ballet class because i'm picking up on everything pretty quick and the teacher is always praising me. but if it's not necessary for me to keep up, then so be it. just wanting an opinion :]

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stick with the ballet class! ballet provides the fundamentals for most all dance forms. ballet will help you a lot with your jazz classes and if you enjoy it then definitely stick with it. even if its only once a week you can learn some basic stuff that you can apply to other dance classes.

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I'm with Rhys on this one. As you know, we carry a prejudice in favor of classical ballet on this board, but it's true that ballet supports all sorts of other dance and physical activity.

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I say ballet will give you the core strength, the turnout, the technique, and the flexibility, stamina, and stability that all dancers need. I'm sure that much of what you learn in ballet class can be applied to jazz class -- and besides, you said you liked it! So do keep it up. :thumbsup: Good luck, dancin_in_the_moonlight!


- Meggy

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Guest marietheresa.

Indeed ! Ballet will certainly help you with jazz. As well as MANY other types of dance.

I know that even for hiphop, most professions taken ballet classes.

It's the simple stuff in ballet that really helps you...

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Guest liltaglioni

OF CORSE keep doing ballet.especially if your jazz teacher knows ballet, even if she doesn't ballet terms pop up every where. trust me I take jazz and ballet too. and I wouldn't quit either for anything

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