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How hard is it to get into the Australian Ballet School?

Guest killedballet

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Guest killedballet

Hi. As my subject questions states, i was wondering if the standard to get into ABS is very high.


Oh, and if I were to join at 17 years old (i'm actually still 15), only having finished up to elementry level (or a bit more), will I be too far behind?


I'm quite lost, as you can see. It would be really nice if someone could fill me in and explain how ABS works. The website doesn't say much.


Thanks! =)


(ps, i was also wondering about the VCASS! what's the difference exactly, since the dance area there is closely connected to the ABS?)

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Hello kb, (sorry, but I cannot bring myself to write your name :( ). I don't have any information on ABS for you, but we do have a lot of members here who will be able to help you.


I would like to welcome you to BT for Dancers, but I am asking that you please check your email immediately for a message from the board asking you to please change your name. The email tells you how to do that.


Thank you.

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