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Ballet schools in California - Los Angeles


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i'm looking for a studio in LA

but can't seem to find any around me (or at least in K-town, anyway).

Does anyone go to or know of a good dance studio

in LA for a beginner dancer?

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What part of Los Angeles are you located in? There's the Seh Ballet School on Wilshire Blvd, and there's the official school of the City Ballet of Los Angeles (on 11th Ave?)... I remember there was a website that listed some good schools in the LA area; search around on Google and do your research. I'm sure there will be plenty to choose from! :yes:

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I think there was a thread about LA dance studios a while ago. Do a search on this website and I am sure it will come up :-)

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Star, here is the link for the LA City Ballet. If you google "Ballet Schools" AND "Los Angeles", there are some schools coming up. Good luck!

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Los Angeles City Ballet is downtown. You could also call the dance dpt at LACHSA (Los Angeles County High School of the Arts) and ask for a referral.

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Westide Ballet is good if you want Balanchine training. There are also many great Russian teachers in LA. (I think most of them are in West LA though) :D Hope this helps you!

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Guest fulltime

Beautiful new fab dance studio in LA (actually San Fernando Valley) Los Angeles Ballet Academy 18138 Sherman Way, Reseda. Really big rooms with high ceilings, brick walls. Staff is amazing. My teen daughter studies ballet there and loves it. Lots of teens.

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Unfortunately Riverside is very very far from central LA. Probably 1.5-2hours from downtown. That is if there is no traffic which is never.

I have heard of Inland Pacific Ballet but not Riverside Ballet. Do they have a website? :ermm:

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Wow, my daughter's school made the board! I'm impressed!

If you have any questions, just ask!


Is it worth the drive? YES! The instructors are incredible! They teach classical style, the director danced for National Ballet of Canada, one instructor danced professionally in Europe. We've had Darcy Kistler teach, Linda Mayberduke(?). Many of our guest instructors are former/current ABT Orange County SI instructors. David Allan is a frequent guest instructor.


Students from RBA attended the following SI's this summer: SFB, PNB, SAB, Houston Ballet, EBSF, Boston SDP, The Rock, Burklyn, ABT OC, Joffrey Midwest- This is what I can remember off the top of my head. One dancer was accepted to Juilliard, but was unable to go.


Just be prepared that the class will not end on time, usually a 1 1/2 hour class ends up being 2 hours! You really get you money worth, but makes meeting a schedule very difficult.


The drive from the Music Center (Grand and the 101) to Riverside Ballet Arts is about 60 minutes.


Call Jerylyn at (951)686-0226 for more info, M - F 4 - 7 PM or S 10 AM - noon, about class times and prices.

HTH :(

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