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e_bunny, your profile indicates that you are a young student, as do many of your posts.  However, your most recent posts appear to be written by a parent. 

If so, please have your parent register with his/her own account. We do not permit the sharing of accounts on BT4D.  It is important to us that we ' know' with whom we are talking. 🙂 

We also have several Forums that are restricted to specific groups, so it will help you and your parent should you wish to participate in any of those Forums. 👍


Also so a gentle reminder that it is against BT4D Rules and Policies for adult members to PM young dancer members. 

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Thank you, balletmuse! I got the info and will visit them as soon as I get back to LA. 

dancemaven, my parents are with me in this school search thing, that's why we use "we" since everyone is around me, giving inputs when I type, but to avoid confusion, I will use "I" from now on. If my parents have more specific questions, I will have them register another account. Thank you for your concern and reminder. 

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Thank you, e_bunny. 🙂

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e_bunny - My DD said that an announcement was made at Westside that pointe classes wouldn't be used for rep anymore. This was from the AD. I'm not sure of the reason for the change, but DD is very happy about it, as it bothered her as well. If you haven't settled on anything else for your training, Westside is worth checking out. The teachers are all excellent. 

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