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La Bayadere


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What's Act 2 of La Bayadere called in English? In my French ballet book, it's Le Royaume des Ombres. Would that be Kingdom of Shadows, in English? And the personages, what are they called? I mean like Wilis in Giselle, what are this white figurines in Act 2 of La Bayadere called?

Thank you.


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They are called 'Shades'. The Kingdom of the Shades.

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What about the soloists? I mean the three girls dancing together after the corps de ballet, who then each performs a solo variation? What are they called?

Thank you very much for the reply!


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As far as I know, they're called the first, second, and third shade :blink: I remember learning this ballet years ago...those arabesques on the ramp are FUN!

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I think it started way back in the early days when they used to have productions with live animals on stage and they used to say it as a warning to other people on stage if an animal had an um accident.

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