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Keeping Feet Happy Between Performances


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My almost 16 yo DD doen't need this advice but I do. She will be dancing in three Nutcracker perfomances in one day and I am concerned about her toes by the third show. She will be on pointe for all three shows. Any advice for keeping her toes just as happy at the 7:00 perfomance as the 2:00?

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Take off shoes, wear standby pair for next performance. If necessary, have another standby pair for third performance. All these shoes should be broken in to the same degree.

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Also make sure to completely warm up for each show (even if you are still "kinda" warm from the last one)-- at least do a little barre and make sure the feet are really warm and safe to go. When I have this sort of schedule, I will often rinse my feet in cold water in the sink, then put on some Deep Heat (or Icy Hot, Tiger Balm, that sort of thing) and then put socks and warm booties on-- then chill out a bit with my feet up!

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Take extra pairs of tights as well as shoes. Wash and dry feet thoroughly after each performance (assuming there is no time for a shower), and as Swanhilda suggests put your feet up for a bit with comfortabel socks or bootees. Then put on fresh tights before you put on your shoes for the next show. Good luck!

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