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Fill us in a little more, Amelia. When last heard from on the career matter, you were just entering trainee at Louisville Ballet. Has something transpired in the meantime? You became a fulltime teacher? You had a baby who is now a student? ??? :yes:

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No problem, I am now dancing with a small contemporary company in Missouri and teaching in the evening. Our company is in the beginning stages of creating it's own academy. We are beginning with pre-ballet and adult classes which are catching on nicely. We are trying to pull in some students from elementary schools to possibly form a more pre-professional program in the future. :yes:

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Amelia, the moderators and administrators have talked it over, and we think that teachers have to get their starts somewhere, so here's a suggested remedy:


We slide you out of Teens, which makes you ineligible for Buddy Board or Private Forum, which are only open to Teens, and revert you to "Member". As you are still performing, and just "cutting your teeth" on teaching, why don't you post a bit to the Teachers' forum for awhile, as you come across problems and questions from class? After you've been there, no deadlines as to posts, remind us again, and then we'll see about flipping you to PTA.


What do you think?

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