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Opaque tights


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Does anyone know of a brand of tights that would come in ballet pink or theatrical pink and that would be completely opaque? They also must contain lycra or spandex. I have an opaque pair from danskin but they contain no lycra and they are the saggiest, baggiest tights I have ever seen!!! Does anyone know of a brand that would have both attributes - lycra and opqueness? Your input is much appreciated!

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I really like the NYCB by Danskin Coolmax tights (5% Lycra Spandex). I don't know that I'd call them fully opaque, but definitely they're not sheer, either. The degree of opacity would probably depend on where you fall in the sizing ranges, and one of the things I liked about these tights was that there were 4 distinct sizes -- A, B, C, and D instead of just A/B and C/D. Bonus: they're really, really soft.



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Danskin #69 Run Resistant and the Wear Moi tights are pretty opaque as well- I prefer the opaque look, too!








I use both for classes- Danskin 69 and Wear Moi and am pretty contented with the look, fit and feel of them. Soft, velvety opaque and thick. The Danskin ones actually do fit very well if you buy the right size though the Wear Moi tights are a teeny bit more stretchy.

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