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huge slippery tutu=shoulder sit nightmares


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So tonight was the dress rehearsal for a Nutcracker that I'm performing in. Im the Cavalier and Snow King (it's been combined as one role). Rehearsals were all pretty good. No huge problems with the lifts. My partner had a beautiful tutu made for her for the ballet. The tutu looks amazing! The problem is with partnering. Everything is suddenly different with this new tutu. We practiced with a practice tutu but the actual tutu is much larger and has a very slick overlay. Any advice on overcoming this obstacle? Putting rosin on my hands helped a bit but we didnt think to do this until after rehearsal when we were practicing on our own. I would appreciate speedy responses as our first performance is tomorrow night!

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Rosin on the hands is about it. Buy yourself a baseball pitcher's rosin bag. Also, make sure that you are making proper contact with her waist with the full hand and not only the web between the thumb and forefinger.

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Guest LondonBallet

Yes hes right. Just hold on tight. :blink: Dont worry too much either. Yes Rosin will also help wether you use baseball rosin or just the rosin that you probably have to put on your shoes in dance so you dont slip (not that they are much diffrent but) you get the picture..


Good Luck

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