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Chacott Tights for Boys/Ment?


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My DS has friends that wear Chalcotte (spelling?) black tights. He loves them - thinks they're the best tights ever. He told me they were only available in Japan, so I decided to prove him wrong. Alas, the only website I've found is, in fact, Japanese. And I can't always find that site. Regardless, they don't list the men's or boys' black tights that he's referring to. I recall some black ones being posted, but they appeared to be thin - and they were modeled by women. He says the ones he knows of are very thick. Anybody have boys - or friends of boys - who wear these? Any idea if they are sold in the US? He thinks his roomate can get some when he goes home to Korea over the holidays, but the price we were quoted is very, very high. Any way to confirm a price? Not so sure what's so special about these tights, but they're at the top of his Christmas wish list. So any help is appreciated.

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Chacott is a dancewear company based in Japan, and distributed by Freed of London. Call 1-866-MY-FREED tomorrow morning and ask for Peter. He takes care of the NY store's retail ordering, and while the NY store does carry Chacott tights for women, they do not currently carry them for men. But you can call Peter and see if he could order some. No promises but it can't hurt to ask.

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Any news on what happened here?

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Peter never returned my calls. DS is working with someone at his school who may have a contact that can get him some tights. In the meantime, he's switched from MStevens to Mirella, and so far he's pleased with them. Still would like some of these tights, though!

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You could drop them an email. Check out Freed's online store at www.freedusa.com. I have checked in the UK section and they don't carry chacott men's tights, but it might be different for the US.

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Let me know if you need a translation or info on the Japanese site. Also, we may be making a trip to Japan this summer if you need me to pick some up while we're there. I know that's far off, but an option nonetheless. :)

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Thank you very much! I'll keep that in mind. The site has an English translation, so we've used that. They just don't list the men's tights. DS had a friend get him some legwarmers over break (friend is from Japan) so he's happy for now. If his other school source doesn't work out - and he still wants to try them - then I'll certainly let you know. He would really appreciate it! For now he seems content with the Mirellas (especially in gray!)

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