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Television: Ballet Girls Mini Series

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The first episode of the ballet girls documentary aires tonight on Bravo 9:00pm Eastern Time. The series follows some of the students at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School from the audition tour in the fall of 2004 through to the opening night of Nutctracker 2005. Link Ballet Girls

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This sounds very interesting. Can anyone confirm that it is being shown on US Bravo as well as Canadian Bravo? (I don't know that the schedules differ -- I just can't find any information on the Bravo website, and I do know that what airs on Canadian Nickelodeon, for example, is different from the US).

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Unfortunately, this mini-series will only be aired in Canada. Bravo CA listings are separate from the Bravo USA listings. The mini-series is available to order on DVD. If anyone is interested I can get that information.

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We saw the show tonight: did anyone else?


I loved the little girl who told the camera what her father had said when she announced that she was interested in ballet - he gave her a phone book and said for her to look it up! She did of course and would have been all of about 10 or so. What wonderful determination! For those who didn't see the show - the young dancer was filmed on the bus, getting herself to ballet class! (by this time she was about 11 or so)



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aww, my brother doesn't have cable in Canada so he couldn't record it for me..


Melissa, I'd love the info on how to get it...

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:wub: I thought it was very accurate and enlightening, especially what goes on behind the doors at the auditions - soooooo subjective in many cases, but they are certainly interested in potential as is any school. Brings back so many memories too...my DS found out after his acceptance that they had called him a boy "project"; however, they did wonders with his technique for 2 years. Some of those girls have such big dreams and such wonderful drive even at 11 or 12. Looking forward to next week!
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The person I spoke with gave me a contact. But the contact hasn't returned my message yet. I will put the information here as soon as I find out. Still waiting.

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